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Wizards of Unica

When turn-based combats are combined with roguelike elements, puzzles, and spells, Wizards of Unica comes out.

Wizards of Unica, currently developed by the indie Italian studio CarbonLaser Games is a turn-based game with emerging gameplay and stunning pixel art and inspired by titles such as Mass Effect Saga, Divinity: Original Sin, Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy Tactics. Its originality lies in this interaction with the spirits.

Background story

Wizards of Unica tells us the story of two warring wizards who must accumulate power by making pacts with powerful spirits who will grant them extraordinary magic.


In Wizards of Unica we will move on large maps and each of our moves matches that of enemies and NPCs in Tangledeep, Sword of the Stars style. Our task is to find spirits that once joined us will grant us powerful spells that we can use not only to defeat enemies but also to solve environmental puzzles.

Wizards of Unica

Once we have made a pact with a spirit we will have his portrait on the left side, and to call him in question simply select his figure and with the left mouse button unleash his spells. Things become more interesting when we find other spirits because this gives us the possibility to mix different spells between them to have devastating effects. For example, we can freeze the floor and then use a wind spell to slide enemies along the walls and much more.

Wizards of Unica Gameplay

In the tested build, I led the wizard, Exekiel, to defeat the Red Menace corrupting the depths of the Temple of Truce. We will start our adventure accompanied by Truce himself, a spirit that allows our hero to activate protective shields and cast magical spheres to defeat enemies. In order to access the temple, completely covered with water all around, I had to find the spirit of the Earth and thanks to his skills I could create blocks of land that gave me access to the temple.

Wizards of Unica

Once inside I faced several enemies, knocking them down with Truce magic. Shortly thereafter I found the second spirit, a kind of Final Fantasy Ifrit, with the power of fire that allows you to throw fireballs at the enemy.

With this party, I came up to the fight with the final boss, but I’m not ashamed to say that I have not yet managed to knock it down but had a lot of fun and I’m still trying to beat the demo. 🙂

Wizards of Unica

About the developers

CarbonLaser games is an Italian indie studio currently formed by two programmers:

Founded in 2014, since then the studio has been completely dedicated to the development of Wizards of Unica.

Wizards of Unica release date

CarbonLaser game does not have a release date yet but you can already try the Alpha version. Developers are listening to suggestions and feedback they receive to constantly improve their turn-based roguelike game. If you are looking for other interesting turn-based games, just go in our overview section.


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