Call it Roguelike or Traditional Roguelike – A Guide To 15 Of The Best Modern RPGs

Marcello TBL

The Best 15 Traditional Roguelike RPGs To Play in 2024 on PC The title is clear and highlights the difficulty ...

Quasimorph Logo

Quasimorph – Review

Harry Ted Sprinks

It’s hard to keep count of the number of rogue-likes and rogue-lites that swamp the Steam marketplace in the modern ...


Prepare yourself for a new journey In the first trailer of soulash 2


No need to go around, Soulash is a vast and great roguelike. On the pages of we have dedicated ...

Top 10 Roguelites/Roguelikes to play in 2022

Roguelite Party – Top 10 Turn-Based Roguelites to play in 2022 – Part II

Marcello TBL

What's the difference between Roguelike/Roguelites?? I don't know.... and I'm not very intent on getting into that in this article. What I do know, however, is that to give a guideline to our blog and especially to my mind, I define Roguelikes as all those games that arise from the ashes of Rogue (1980) and therefore what I expect to find in this tag are games like Stoneshard , Tangledeep, Tales of Maj'eyal, ADOM and more.

Soulash RPG

A dark masterpiece from across the eldritch veil – Soulash Review

armies and castles

The body stirs upon the altar. The candles flicker as if in a wind. Shadows dance on the cavern's walls. The wolves howl somewhere in the forest, and the bats flutter blindly against the ceiling, as if in fear. They sense something, coming across the veil. The mortals at the village shake in their beds. A strange silhouette enters their dark dreams.

Turn-Based Roguelikes

The Great List of Roguelikes. Part One

armies and castles

“Programming is one of the rare disciplines in which you can create something from absolutely nothing. You can create whole ...

The Classical and modern roguelikes

The Classical and The Modern Roguelikes

armies and castles

There's been a lot of discussions, lately, as to the precise definition of the term Roguelike. The often-asked question is whether the modern games bear any resemblance to the original classics. There were, of course, many attempts to nail down the exact features of the genre. Procedural generation, grid-based movement and turn-based combat are often at the top of such lists.

Rogue Lords – Review

Charlie Norris

Looking for a turn-based horror? This could be it if you love roguelikes.




The members of the Fuzz Force have a new mission: to catch the “terrific” Polter prince. It’s time to help ...

Vault of the Void – Early Access Preview

Daniel Carrasco

FOUNDATIONSWhile Megacrit wasn’t, strictly speaking, the first developer to combine deckbuilding with roguelike dungeon crawling (check out 2014’s Dream Quest ...

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