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Soulash RPG

A dark masterpiece from across the eldritch veil – Soulash Review

The body stirs upon the altar. The candles flicker as if in a wind. Shadows dance on the cavern's walls. The wolves howl somewhere in the forest, and the bats flutter blindly against the ceiling, as i...

10 Perfect
Turn-Based Roguelikes

The Great List of Roguelikes. Part One

“Programming is one of the rare disciplines in which you can create something from absolutely nothing. You can create whole worlds that behave exactly as you want them to behave. The only thing ...

The Classical and modern roguelikes

The Classical and The Modern Roguelikes

There's been a lot of discussions, lately, as to the precise definition of the term Roguelike. The often-asked question is whether the modern games bear any resemblance to the original classics. There...

Rogue Lords – Review

Looking for a turn-based horror? This could be it if you love roguelikes.

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The members of the Fuzz Force have a new mission: to catch the “terrific” Polter prince. It’s time to help them on this quest on this turn-based tabletop game-like rogue-like title. ...

6.5 Fair

Vault of the Void – Early Access Preview

FOUNDATIONSWhile Megacrit wasn’t, strictly speaking, the first developer to combine deckbuilding with roguelike dungeon crawling (check out 2014’s Dream Quest for a primordial example), ...

Dead Age 2

Dead Age 2 – Review

After some months of intense work on Early Access, Dead Age 2 was released on 12th March 2021. A turn-based rogue-lite RPG game based on a world devastated by zombies where you have to survive against...

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Best Turn-Based Roguelike RPGs

Some of the best & latest Pc Turn-Based Roguelikes 2020

In the past, I have often spoken of roguelikes, up to the origin of the term itself. As for the term itself, I suggest you read this very detailed article about the meaning of Roguelike. But today I d...

Tales of Maj eyal

Tales of Maj’Eyal – Latest Huge Update

The 1.6 release contains so many changes and updates, below some main ones. What’s new? Revamps of many classes and races to improve their fun/gameplay Revamp of many scaling systems, making the...

Zor Pc Game

ZOR: Pilgrimage of the Slorfs – Overview

ZOR is a turn-based survival strategy, in a prehistoric fantasy world. Background story With nothing but the fur on their backs, two Slorfs must work together to meet their basic needs while completin...

Dungeons of Dredmor – Review

Dungeons of Dredmor is probably the best entry point into the rogue-like genre. It’s simple enough to get the basics immediately but deep enough to become a challenge.

8.2 Great
Wizards of Unica

Wizards of Unica – Overview

When turn-based combats are combined with roguelike elements, puzzles, and spells, Wizards of Unica comes out. Wizards of Unica, currently developed by the indie Italian studio CarbonLaser Games is a ...