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Tactical Combat Department Pc Game

Tactical Combat Department – Preview

Indie turn-based tactical combat game Tactical Combat Department (from here on referred to as TCD) has arrived on early access on Steam, offering players a game to lead a “Special Intervention Squad”,...

Malice & Greed Pc

Malice & Greed – Preview

Much like a one-cent copper piece, Malice & Greed is worth more than the hard drive space it’s printed on. I’m talking about the game, not the software. The software is full of visual ...

Astria Ascending

Astria Ascending – Early Access Preview

Astria Ascending is a AAA title in terms of development team members alone. Kazushige Nojima, a longtime former Square-Enix member who directed Bahamut Lagoon, a Squaresoft classic for the SFC/SNES. H...

Alterium Shift Preview

Alterium Shift – Early access preview

BACKGROUND: Developed by MottzyStudios, a very small studio of just two people, Alternium Shift looks like it could have been placed straight at the end of the SNES era/beginning of the PS era over 25...


Re:Kuroi – Early access preview

Roughly translated, ‘Re:Kuroi‘ means “Regarding:Black.” This is a game in early access by developer ‘ecoddr’ and are currently looking for a publisher to help them ...

Hex of the Lich Overview

Hex Of the Lich – Overview

Hex of the Lich is a turn-based hex strategy roguelike with modular, craftable attacks. In-Game Background Story The Lich grows more powerful by the day. With your armies depleted, you rally creatures...

Recon Control

Recon Control – Preview

Recon Control is a new tactical turn-based shooter where you control a group of up to four square-jawed heroes in missions where you will be outnumbered and forced to find a way to gain a tactical adv...

TemTem Gameplay

TemTem – Preview

The fantastic world created by Crema (a Spanish video game developer studio) has been gaining ground in the industry and was inspired by the well-known saga “Pokémon”. While many will thin...

Stellar Dynasties

Star Dynasties – Preview

The space 4X game is not new and there’s a lot of healthy competition in the genre, with turn-based and real-time games to choose from and ranges in budget, design choice, and scale to suit nearly any...

Shores Unknow

Shores Unknown – Hands-on

“A cold rain began to fall, and the blurred street-lamps looked ghastly in the dripping mist.”― Oscar Wilde Usually I don’t write preview or review of some sort, simply because it’s not in...

The Last Spell

The Last Spell – Early Access Preview

The Last Spell by Ishtar Games is a cross-genre mash up, mixing turn based tactics with tower defense. In it you control a team of heroes defending one of the last remnants of civilization against the...

Warhammer 40.000 Battlesector


An unknown planet, a bloody war between Blood Angels and the Tyranids and strategical and tactical battles…this is that Warhammer 40K: Battlesector offer to us. From Black Lab Games comes this i...

Gordian Quest

Gordian Quest: Preview

Gordian Quest, by Mixed Realms, is a fantasy deck building game which features both a tactical/positional element and an attempt to emulate a character-driven RPG-style structure. The game features Re...

Phantom Brigade

Phantom Brigade – Preview

Let’s be honest, there’s never going to be a time when Giants Robots aren’t cool.  Whilst the Michael Bay Transformers movies wore out their welcome, a game that features giant robots will always...

Soulash RPG


Soulash is a fantasy roguelike where you take the role of a forgotten god set on destroying the world & with a Kickstarter Campaign ready to start soon.

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