Chaos Galaxy – Overview

Chaos Galaxy is a promising turn-based strategy war game that combines management elements taken from 4x games and Fire Emblem style combats.

Spellsword Cards: DungeonTop – Overview

A promising indie roguelike turn-based RPG sapiently mixed with card mechanics and delightful graphic arts.

Legions at War – Overview

Be prepared for incredibly turn-based challenges in the campaign or online games against the best strategic minds in the world.

Might is Right – Overview

Might is Right is a familiar turn-based strategy with a fresh set of mechanics and character progression not found in other games...

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War – Overview

A Turn-based Strategy game set in a futuristic global cold war from the award-winning creators of Out There. Recruit a squad of...

Z Dawn – Overview

Z Dawn is a fast-paced turn-based in which you have to survive in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.

Dead Hand – Overview

Dead Hand is a hybrid between old school turn-based tactical games with action point management (like the Jagged Alliance series) and a...

Crown Trick – Overview

Dungeons, treasures, items and an innovative way of using the elements to take down enemies.

Tale of Ronin – Overview

Let's explore the human side of samurai in this promising turn-based RPG. Tale of...

The Last Spell – Overview

From the creators of Dead in Vinland comes a turn-based strategy that mixes the mechanics of Final Fantasy Tactics with those of...

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Stellaris title

Review: Stellaris – Another Life in Another Galaxy

It’s not a game – it’s a life! Another life in another universe, where every galaxy filled with lifeforms, artifacts and space phenomena is diveded between Interstellar Empires
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Stoneshard – New screenshots

Stoneshard by Ink Stains Games, one of the turn-based RPG I'm waiting for most, has just released new amazing screenshots.
Into the Dungeon

Into the Dungeon – Overview

Get ready for adventures in the new tactical RPG! Choose your hero, grab some healing potions and beware immortal Ghost!

A Long Way Down – Video Gameplay First Look

It's finally here and looks like a masterpiece. Watch my first look at A Long Way Down. A turn-based roguelike deckbuilding game...