Terra Randoma

Steam Deals September 3 2022

Steam Deals: Don’t miss these Turn-Based RPGs – 3 September 2022

Marcello TBL

Spare a few bucks on some of the best turn-based games out there with the Steam deals. This is what ...

Stellar Tactics

10 Indie Early Access Turn-Based RPGs & Strategy games to play – First Turn #1

Marcello TBL

For this year I have decided to create a new column to complement the KAEOI. It will be called FIRST TURN and unlike KAEOI which focuses mainly on promising games still in development, in FIRST TURN I will highlight from time to time indie projects that are already available in early access and that deserves your attention.

Terra Randoma Let’s Play by Sampstra Games


Terra Randoma is a turn-based tactical roguelike RPG with a fluid combat system. You live the life of an adventurer ...

Terra Randoma RPG

Terra Randoma – Early Access on Steam

Marcello TBL

Terra Randoma, the promising indie roguelike RPG it’s going to land on Steam in Early Access on the 17th of ...

Best Turn-Based Roguelike RPGs

Some of the best & latest Pc Turn-Based Roguelikes 2020

Marcello TBL

In the past, I have often spoken of roguelikes, up to the origin of the term itself. As for the ...

Terra Randoma – First Impressions


“Nomen Omen“– A famous latin proverb If you are one of those who regularly read this blog, it’s almost impossible ...

Terra Randoma – Gameplay First Look

Marcello TBL

Let’s play the alpha version of Terra Randoma by Deniz K. One of the most promising open-world tactical roguelike RPG ...

Dusk Tactics

Under development indie turn-based strategy/RPGs – Part 1

Marcello TBL

Twitter is a fantastic place for everything related to the world of video games and in particular, all indie projects ...

Upcoming turn-based strategy RPG of 2020

Upcoming Turn-based Strategy Tactical Rpgs 2020

Marcello TBL

We are approaching the end of the year and therefore we are starting to prepare this list for the most ...

Terra Randoma Preview

Terra Randoma – Overview

Marcello TBL

Terra Randoma is a turn-based tactical roguelike RPG with a fluent combat system. You live the life of an adventurer ...