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Terra Randoma Preview

Terra Randoma is a turn-based tactical roguelike RPG with a fluent combat system. You live the life of an adventurer in a procedurally generated open world full of curiosities. Your actions affect the world and your story emerges as you play.

Terra Randoma Overview

Background story

Your character is a newcomer to a procedurally generated island full of dungeons, quests, curiosities, and adventure. Once you step foot on the island, you decide where to go on this open world and meet challenges along the way.

The enemies are varied and require different tactics to deal with. The encounters, quests, loots, battlefields, dungeons are all random. Nothing is scripted in this world. The settlements prosper, live on, or decline, and your actions have an effect on them directly or indirectly.

You will fight your way through your own emergent story, and gain experience, gold, and fame, while you discover the ancient evils that threaten the island.

Terra Randoma NPC


Terra Randoma battles are turn-based and the battlefields are tiled. Your combat strategy will be based on your equipment, your skills, your talent stones, and your sprint ability.

There is an item generation system with prefixes and suffixes that produces a countless variety of weapons, armor, and equipment.

You also come to acquire talent stones, which consume stamina to unleash certain powers like “heavy strike”, “whirlwind attack” etc.

Terra Randoma Skills

Finally, all characters have a sprint ability, meaning they can be “very fast” (your normal speed is one tile per turn).

You have complete freedom to choose how to customize your character.

Like items, the enemies can also have prefixes like elite, deadly, wealthy, tough, etc., that change certain stats.

Overall, Terra Randoma combats are easy to learn but difficult to master. If you choose a difficulty level, and if you fail to pay attention, you can easily end up dead. No worries though, you can always start again and come to a brand new island to experience a brand new journey!

Terra Randoma is a world full of curiosities! Wheel of fortune is turned with every step you take on the overworld. It may bring you a bandit ambush or an abandoned cart, perhaps you get to meet a traveling merchant or some curious personality.

Terra Randoma Game Mechanics

Re-playability is one of the most important features. They are trying to ensure that the players experience a full sense of adventure and can discover new things each time they play, so doing their best to add as many incidents (with different solutions and outcomes) as they possibly can, so that “the story that emerges as you play” is different each time you play.

Another major component of the overworld is the settlements. Settlements have prosperity levels and your actions affect that level as the settlements grow as you trade with them and accomplish missions given by their citizens and lords. There are also events and crisis, like rich harvest or famine, that affect their prosperity level positively or negatively.

Key features

  • Open world
  • Turn-based tactical combat system in an authentic roguelike fashion
  • Procedurally generating the world, quests, items, NPCs, battlefields, and dungeons
  • No scripted plots to follow. Your story emerges as you play.
  • Influence the world with your actions. You can help the settlements to prosper and survive through crisis.
  • Full freedom in character development with skills and talents
  • Day/night cycle
  • Camping, hunting, and foraging
  • Super user-friendly interface
Terra Randoma World Map

About developer

Deniz K. dungeon-mastered several D&D campaigns since the 1990s and developed card games and tabletop games for himself and his friends. Finally, in 2011, he decided to take on this “hobby” to a new level and started learning programming. It wasn’t until late 2018 that all the bits and pieces of codes came together to form a playable version. Since then he is full-time dedicated to this game.

Release date & platforms

Terra Randoma will be a pc game and be distributed through Steam on Q1 2020.



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