SKALD: Against the Black Priory – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

SKALD: Against the Black Priory

A classic, turn-based RPG set in a dark and gritty fantasy universe full of tragic heroes, violent deaths and eldritch horror.

SKALD - Turn-based RPG

Background story

The Gallian Empire is in turmoil: By virtue of its Wizard Lords, the Empire stood for a thousand years. Now the fabrics of the realm are fraying. Within, the ruling elite is losing its jealously guarded monopoly on the use of magic.

Without, hordes of enemies threaten the realms of man. In these troubled times, heroes are few and far between. On the isolated island of Idra, lies the Black Priory. Its great libraries were once a haven of enlightenment and wisdom.

SKALD The Black Priory

These days its halls see far darker practices. The Wizard Lord dispatches an elite group of his finest knights to bring Imperial justice to the accursed monastery. However, all is nearly lost when disaster strikes on the high seas: The ship carrying the party is lost in a storm. All perish, save one: You.

Stranded on the shore of the bleak island, you are the people’s last hope for Imperial justice! Gather what allies you can and prepare to face the Black Priory – pray your sanity holds!


SKALD: Against the Black Priory is a tile and turn-based RPG where you lead a party of up to six characters on an epic and perilous quest.

SKALD Against the Black Priory

Develop your party as you explore the accursed isle of Idra, fight untold horrors and struggle to maintain your sanity whilst striking at the heart of the foul Black Priory and the horrors therein.

Key features

  • Vintage graphics using the glorious Commodore 64 color palette.
  • Complex level-based character development with abilities, skills, and features.
  • Different character classes and builds.
  • Grindless tactical combat.
  • “Choose-your-own-adventure” system and dynamic, tree-based dialog.
  • Dozens of opponents, items and encounters in an expansive world.
SKALD indie Turn-based Rpg

About the developer

SCAPE-IT is a one-man Norwegian IT studio that dabbles in game-design.

Release date & platforms

SKALD: Against the Black Priory launches on Kickstarter June 3rd 2019.

The game releases for PC June 2020 with subsequent releases for Mac, Android, and iOS. In the meanwhile have a look at other promising turn-based games


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