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We are the Plague missions

A hand-drawn tactical turn-based game where we are guided by the Plague as he seeks revenge around a dark-fantasy world.

We are the Plague Main menu

Background story

Our adventure begins in a cell, our almost dying hero is put back on his feet by this mysterious figure that is none other than the plague. Our hero will have to cross the desolate lands, full of disease and desperation to take revenge and find out more about what is happening.

A very inspired hand-drawn dark world.

We are the Plague Pc turn-based

Gameplay details

We are the Plague is a tactical turn-based RPG where we will tackle missions on grid maps. Each map has inside quests to complete, objects to find and enemies to defeat.

The technical approach is very classic, at least in this demo we tried. Our moves alternate with those of the enemy and each attack is presented by Darkest Dungeon-style illustrations.

We are the Plague missions

Each character in addition to the basic attacks can choose to defend themselves or use special abilities. Each attack can correspond to a counter move of the attacked unit and this applies to both us and the enemy.

History and choices

We are the Plague gives much emphasis to the story that is told through the conversations that the heroes have, among themselves and with the other characters in the game world. On several occasions, we have had to make decisions that lead to different implications and we are very curious to understand how much this element can really affect the characters and the plot.

Noteworthy is the Plague personality, cruel and sarcastic at the same time.

We are the Plague

Experience and items

Each unit has the following attributes; Attack, defense, strength, movement, intelligence, agility, and HP. Growth occurs through spheres that we receive at the end of a mission, completing secondary quests and based on the completion index.

We are the Plague items

During the adventure, we will find tattoos and signs that are nothing more than enhancements for the body and the weapon, and consumable items for health-restoring.

About the developer

Forever Entertainment was founded in 2010 and is growing fast in the video game industry ever since. Initially, a small team of specialists was involved in creating our own titles. Due to the dynamic development, Forever Entertainment started to be a recognizable brand in Poland, and in January 2011, the company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange “New Connect”.

Release date & platforms

We are the Plague will be released in Q4 2019 for Pc, in the meanwhile, you can try the demo available on steam. Want to stay up to date with the turn-based world? Just subscribe to our newsletter or join us on Twitter.


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