Project Witchstone – Overview

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Project Witchstone

From indie developerSpearhead Games, comes a promising turn-based sandbox RPG which takes shape according to the choices we make in the game.

Project Witchstone

Project Witchstone was presented at the GDC Indie in San Francisco this March. We could see an attractive design and turn-based fights that can only bring to mind the famous Divinity series.

Backgroud story

In Project Witchstone, you arrive on an isolated island where seven rival factions have settled into an uneasy alliance but vie for control over powerful magical relics known as witchstones.

Project Witchstone

The world you explore is alive, meaning that characters that inhabit this world go on with their daily lives and move around following a routine.

But what you decide to do on this island is entirely up to you. Will you be a villain, a hero or a selfish schemer? Will you ensure everlasting peace or push for mutually assured destruction?

Gameplay details

With Witchstone, Spearhead Games intends to push the interactive storytelling further with adventures uniquely tailored to each player’s gameplay and dialogue decisions.

Project Witchstone

Using actions common in RPGs (dialogue, combat, spells, abilities, stat checks, stealing, etc.) and less common ones (stealth, influence interface, etc.), you can interact, manipulate, and shape this world as you see fit.

In a living and reactive world, players will be offered unprecedented options to roleplay their character and influence their environment, capturing the fun and freedom of a pen & paper RPG campaign.

Project Witchstone

Key Features

  • A living world sandbox RPG
  • Fun and freedom of pen & paper RPG campaigns
  • Impact the state of the world with your gameplay actions
  • An interactive adventure story that is uniquely your own
  • Turn-based tactical combat

About developer

Spearhead Games

Spearhead Games is a Montreal-based independent developer founded in 2012. In 2016, Spearhead released Stories: The Path of Destinies, which saw ex-pirate fox Reynardo come up with last-minute schemes to stop an emperor gone mad.

This was followed by Omensight in 2018, an action murder mystery game in which the Harbinger must uncover a conspiracy that leads to the destruction of the world.

Release date & platforms

Project Witchstone will be released for PC but there is still no release date. In the meantime, below, you will find the gameplay trailer from the GDC Indie of San Francisco.

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