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God bless the end of March

After a rather quiet period, without recent interesting or important releases, it seems that times are changing!

Indeed, the end of march will see the release of many interesting games.

We will begin with the early access of Guilds Of Delenar – expected at 2019-03-22 -, a strategy RPG with turn-based combat where you’ll have to build your guild and manage to gain fame across the realm. If you want to know something more you can check here.

Then on the 26th of March will be released Grimshade (we’ve already talked about it here). It’s described as a tactical role-playing game, in which you play as a party of adventurers, with intricate relationships between each member, in a most unusual setting and in a charming hand-painted art style.

Last but not least, on 29th of March will be published Operencia: The Stolen Sun. This is a classic first-person dungeon-crawlers which combines exploration with turn-based battle (does anyone said Dungeon Master?). The most funny thing is that the game is developed by Zen Studios, well known -until now -, for their pinball simulations. I saw some trailers and I’ve to admit that the game seems quite interesting.

So, what’s left to say? Go and break the piggy bank for the next week!


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