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Chaos Galaxy – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Chaos Galaxy Overview

Chaos Galaxy is a promising turn-based strategy war game that combines management elements taken from 4x games and Fire Emblem style combats.

Chaos Galaxy

Today I tried the Chaos Galaxy demo. Sequel to Chaos Sector. A strategy turn-based game currently under development that combines planet management with Fire Emblem-style combat developed by a single person, namely Han Zhiyu that goes for sure in the list of the most promising upcoming turn-based games of 2020.

Simplified and immediate strategic layer

In Chaos Galaxy you will not need many hours to learn all the management mechanics, in fact after a few minutes, you will have become familiar with all the procedures necessary to manage the production of each conquered planet, the technological development, the production of the armies and the diplomacy with the other factions.

The strategic side of Chaos Galaxy, although varied, is well structured to be very slender and easy to understand.

Planets management

Let’s start with managing the planets. For each planet, at every turn, we have the opportunity to increase the values of trade and/or industries or even increase the loyalty of the population rather than the defenses of the planet, all by investing money.

Policy (Tech tree)

Then there is the policy which is nothing but the research tree with all the projects that we can decide to develop, easy to consult and develop. Once we have chosen the element to be developed, we will see how many months (each turn corresponds to a month) it will take to complete it.


In Chaos Galaxy we have to deal with many factions, each of them can relate to us in a different way. A special tab allows us to see the current situation and manage our relationship with a specific faction, choosing from various options such as requesting or offering money.

Quests and objectives

At each end of the turn, after the other factions have performed their moves, there will be a strategic meeting, where our heroes will confront each other to decide the next goal that will turn into a quest to be completed within a certain time.

Managing Planets

Fire Emblem style combats

The other interesting aspect is the Fire Emblem style tactical fights. Once we decide to attack or are attacked by other ships, the tactical map will open. Here all the units belonging to the fleet will be deployed and during our turn, we will have to move and perform various actions.

Fights are not a walk in the park, in fact, in my first one, I was immediately defeated.

When we attack a unit, we will see the animation that shows us how the fight goes (we can also decide to skip it) just like happen in Fire Emblem.

strategic layer

Each unit has its own skills and different types of attacks. There are submarines that have the possibility of becoming invisible and allowing us to make ambushes. Support ships that allow us to restore the energy of the ships or to improve the aim towards a certain enemy.

Obviously these are only the basic units and considering that in the game there are a hundred units between Mecha and Navi, the speech is very varied. Then there are the skills that each hero has and that once loaded the appropriate bar, it can be used.

Combats phase

About the developer

Han Zhiyu is a solo-indie developer. Creator of Chaos Sector in 2018, he is currently working on the sequel Chaos Galaxy. There is no official website but only a discord channel that you can reach at this link.

Chaos Galaxy release date

Chaos Galaxy currently under development is scheduled for spring 2020 through Steam. In the meantime, you can do like me and download the free demo and try it now. Meanwhile, below you can see my gameplay for a quick overview of the game.

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