Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game – Overview

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Colony Ship Rpg

From Dungeon Rats and Age of Decadence developer, comes a promising isometric turn-based RPG, this time set in space, on a ship en route to colonizing a distant planet.

Colony Ship Rpg

Background story

The stories told in Colony Ship happen on an interplanetary ship (The Starfarer) that left Planet Earth 20 years ago to colonize a distant planet for religious purposes. No one on board the ship is sure that it arrives at its destination.

The 50 people initially on board the ship, called First Generation, are those who firmly believe in the mission, while the new generation begins to have doubts about it until civil war breaks out.

Colony Ship Rpg

At the end of this conflict, three main factions were created: the Protectors of the Mission, The Brotherhood of Liberty, and the Church of the Elect, each of them promising their own version of the future.

Gameplay details

Colony Ship Rpg

Colony Ship is an isometric turn-based RPG where our choices will shape the history and conflicts that will arise between the various factions and characters. There will be 12 recruitable characters and each of them will have their own goals and agenda.

Colony Ship

The combats are turn-based with systems of coverage and firearms of various kinds. Each character will have different characteristics that will increase as you increase in level while for special abilities, the more they will be used and the more they will level up.

Colony Ship Rpg

Key features:

  • Skill-based character system, with feats and biological implants.
    Tactical turn-based combat, featuring standard as well as targeted attacks and weapon-specific special attacks such as Fanning and Long Burst.
  • Multiple quest solutions, mutually exclusive questlines, and a branching main storyline.
  • 12 recruitable party members with different personalities, agendas, and beliefs.
  • 3 main factions and a score of lesser factions and groups.
  • A large arsenal including melee weapons, firearms, energy pistols, grenades, and fancy electronic gadgets like the Reality Distortion Field.
  • 16 environments to explore, from the Engine Room and Hydroponics Lab to the dystopian cities of the Habitat and the Wasteland, the now uncharted corridors and decks that bore the brunt of the fighting during the Mutiny.
Colony Ship Rpg

About developer

Iron Tower Studio

Iron Tower Studio is a small indie developer, with a great passion for role-playing games. Their previous games have been positively received by the media and we are therefore very confident about this promising new project.

Release date & Platforms

Currently in development. From their Steam page we read that the release is scheduled for Fall 2020 for PC. Keep following us to stay updated on Colony Ship and the world of turn-based games.


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