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10 Upcoming Turn-Based RPGs & Strategy Games | Kaeoi38

Marcello TBL

Welcome, Turn-Based Lovers, to another edition of Keep An Eye On It! We've got another list of in-development, early-access, and brand-new turn-based RPGs and Strategy Games of 2022 that looks very promising.

Upcoming turn-based games

On The Radar – Turn-Based RPGs & Strategy Games of February 2022


Well, I've got two good news for you! The first one is that this time you won't have to read one of my (in)famous introductions, so you can go straight to reading the list of the upcoming releases! The second one is that this month is going to be very very rich, with games for almost every taste. True - most of them are indie projects. This, however, certainly doesn't mean they won't be able to catch your attention. Extravagance and originality are the leitmotif of the month! So much so that we could find games where the hero is called Hiro, where the main quest is to go and get some sugar, or where you can fight foes by playing on a banjo. Ah, what would life be without a little foolishness?