Songs Of Conquest Review

Songs of Conquest 1.0 Review


Songs of Conquest has finally been fully released on Steam and GOG after 2 years of early access. Developer Lavapotion ...

SKALD Against The Black Priory Review

A credible pixel-styled RPG that scratches that retro-inspired itch – SKALD: Against The Black Priory review

Two Clicks

SKALD: Against the Black Priory (SKLAD) has materialised from the depths of nowhere without pomp or fanfare. The first Steam ...

ZZ Title

One Of The Craziest Roguelite Deckbuilders – Zet Zillions Review


Get ready for a wild ride on one of the craziest rogue-lite deck builders I have ever played. Zet Zillions ...

Xenogears And Vagrant Story Had a Baby – SacriFire Preview

Marcello TBL

A Love Letter To Classic JRPGs From Pixelated Milk We initially discussed SacriFire in 2021, and I’m saying this not ...

Capes Review

A Superpowered Review of Tactical RPG Capes


Capes is a superhero-fueled turn-based tactical game all about building up a team of super-powered heroes to take back the ...

Crown Wars: The Black Prince

The One Hundred Years War With a Dark Twist In Tactical RPG – Crown Wars: The Black Prince – Review

Two Clicks

► CROWN WARS: THE BLACK PRINCE (CW: TBP) combines the fairly unique SETTING of The One Hundred Years war with ...

Legion IX Cover

King Arthur: Legion IX Review


Set in the same dark fantasy universe as King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, this is the latest game from NeocoreGames. King ...

Anomaly Collapse Cover

A turn-based roguelite that doesn’t hold back any punches – Anomaly Collapse – Review


Welcome to Anomaly Collapse. A new turn-based roguelite with adorably but dangerous critters and a very interesting combat system that ...

Sword of Convallaria

Sword of Convallaria – A worthy relative of Final Fantasy Tactics? – Preview

Rex PaperPrototypesPodcast

Sword of Convallaria is a tactical RPG and mercenary company manager with a self-described NeoPixel art style. Its combat is ...

Promising Indie RPGs & Strategy Games

Broken Roads – Review


Broken Roads has been awaited by fans as a post-apocalyptic CRPG in the vein of classic Fallout. Now that it’s ...

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