WitchSpring R Pets: A Conclusive Tier List

Written by VeryWetLeaf

WitchSpring R Pets - Featured Image - Boar Jr and Pieberry

So maybe you’ve recently just started playing WitchSpring R and you’re looking for your next favorite pet. Or maybe you’re arguing with your friends on which favorite pet is the absolute best! Or perhaps you’re simply curious. Well, here’s our conclusive tier list of the very best WitchSpring R Pets!

The criteria for the tier list is how good the pet performs in-game (objectively), how often you use it, and some of my personal feelings mixed in. Not convinced? Change my mind on the discord ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


Seed Spirit

WitchSpring R Pets - Seed Spirit

The Seed Spirit is an elemental that periodically sows seeds in the Black Witch’s Forest. It’s one of the earliest pets you’ll ever own, and most probably the next pet you’ll get after Boar Jr. The idea for the Seed Spirit is it’s supposed to plant seeds on enemies that leach off their HP and convert them into MP for Pieberry.

It sounds good on paper, particularly as an MP sustain mechanic for the early game. However, due to the fact that restorative items are easily available early on and that this pet deals so little damage–the Seed Spirit is only as useful as an achievement trophy. One you’ll probably never even use.

It looks pretty cool tho!


White Fox

WitchSpring R Pets  - White Fox

The White Fox is said to be able to unleash mystical power with a flick of its tail. But when has a flick every been that useful in battle? Well…maybe sometimes. White Fox is a pretty niche early-game companion for fox lovers.

It deals some fairly decent early-game magic damage while also lowering enemy attack damage and defense. While not as useful as other early-game counterparts, the White Fox is still pretty fun to play around with!

Lighting Bell

WitchSpring R Pets - Lighting Bell

Full disclosure, I did use Lighting Bell a lot against enemies I’m unsure of beating. And every time, I actually never needed it :). This pet supposedly absorbs damage taken while Pieberry’s wearing it and heals the damage returned on its next turn. The problem is that in both extremes, before Pieberry even gets to wear the Lighting Bell, chances are you’ve already managed to kill (or at least, almost kill) the enemy or you’re already dead.

The only reason I’m not putting this on F-tier is it actually has some very rare points where you’re under-leveled, and it’s actually a good choice to add Lighting Bell to your pet roster. It also has one of the highest MAG scaling offensive skills in the game, lol.


WitchSpring R Pets - Carico

Carico is a monster that grew by consuming Lightning Magic Stones inside the Lalaque Mines. It’s the only untainted Carico you’ll encounter in the depths of the Lalaque Mine. And unsurprisingly, its a tamable mob. I may be talking trash about Carico a bit, but you’ll probably be using it for a while, at least during your first venture inside Lalaque Mines.

But after that, you never really think about using this pet anymore especially considering that it literally has a better version that you can obtain in roughly the same area.


Rogue Rabbit

WitchSpring R Pets - Rogue Rabbit

So, I actually really like Rogue Rabbit. If I were basing this list strictly on my own personal feelings, I’d probably place him in S-Tier. Simply because money rules! Well, in terms of gameplay, his attack animation is pretty darn adorable but also almost completely useless. His attack is the equivalent of a playful “bonk.”

What makes him avoid the lower tiers is his trait wherein when deployed in combat, he increases the gold gained after defeating the enemy. And by enemy, I mean soldiers. Only soldiers give gold post-battles. I think…


WitchSpring R Pets - Eison

I swear, I hope I’m not the only one who almost finished the game before being curious enough to try activating random items in front of this comatosed turtle. So for those unlucky enough who finished the game without finding out that you can actually explore the seas with this guy, I feel for you.

Eison is also the only pet that allows you to explore the seas, so it’s a must-have for the occasion. However, being a turtle, it’s slow as hell on land- slow enough that walking past a certain distance from it despawns it. Despite this, it’s quite adorable.

As of writing this, I just discovered that, for some reason, Eison now has a stupidly strong water beam default attack rather than the walk n’ chomp in its skill description. I’m not really sure if it’s a bug or a feature. Will update the article once either is confirmed.


Dwarf Thor

WitchSpring R Pets - Dwarf Thor

Dwarf Thor is by no means a weak pet. The only reason it falls under C-Tier is its usability. By the time you get Dwarf Thor you’ll probably also have a bunch of other pets at your disposal. This pet, aside from damage, also focuses on stunning the enemy. The problem with stuns is it can be negated when you or another pet attacks the enemy while they’re stunned, waking them up.

The stun mechanic, especially during the later parts of the game, becomes a tedious task of monitoring turns that just becomes an increasingly worthless bother. But despite this, Dwarf Thor, along with the Backpack Spider, has the potential to become SSS-Tier. Why? because you can infinitely upgrade them. (Not entirely sure if “infinite” is correct, but I haven’t reached the limit.)

Boar Jr.

WitchSpring R Pets - Boar Jr

Boar Jr. is the very first pet you’ll ever have in WitchSpring R and, for a good chunk of the game, is the only pet that really matters. Aside from battles, it’s also the very first mount that’ll help you in traversing the world. Being the ol’ reliable pet of the game, it comes with some pros and cons.

Pros are that it’s the best pet for a few early chapters, and it has an ability that stuns enemies. Perfect for the young adventurer who’s trying to bite more than they can chew. But alas, other pets will eventually overshadow it in all aspects.


WitchSpring R Pets - Aslan

Being a temple guardian, getting Aslan was quite a surprise, and of course, I’d assume that he’ll be one of the strongest pets in the game. But that couldn’t be far from the truth. Sure, he deals decent damage, but he’s a mid-game pet at best. A mid-game pet that you’ll only use for five minutes just to try him out before discovering one of the best pets in the entire game, completely overSHADOWING him. *wink.

But what definitively puts Aslan in the C-tier is his skill, “Aslan’s Lightning Bolt” which takes an entire turn to charge up before attacking. Its damage is also comparable to other pets’ basic skills, so at some point, he stops being useful. And by “at some point,” I mean five minutes later.



WitchSpring R Pets - Caric

You may be wondering why Aslan is C-tier while Caric is B-tier when Aslan is obviously the better version of Caric. Well, that’s simply because Caric is actually the better choice when fighting against some annoyingly tanky bosses. Its second skill deals a ton of lightning damage which scales depending on how many times it’s used with a maximum of 4 strikes. Even against Nightmare, this pet was a key member of the team.

Steam Golem 003

WitchSpring R Pets - Steam Golem 003

I have a strong aversion to bomb/explosive damage in WitchSpring R, so I never really paid much attention to Steam Golem 003. But I do recognize the potential it carries. It actually has some pretty decent damage scaling, which is especially effective against mobs and some bosses.

But what ranks this pet up to the B-Tier is its potential, as you can “infinitely” upgrade it in Matt’s House, giving it the ability to be an absolute beast with enough investments.


WitchSpring R Pets - Justice

I still find it funny how Justice is classified as a “pet” in this game. But alas, despite the stuck-up character he is with his main character syndrome, he’s actually not bad of a pet to have on your team, especially when you’re running a STR build. (probably only when you’re running a STR build). Having 0 summon cost makes Justice a great addition to your team before you obtain Bedo’s Headband.


Tia Reese

WitchSpring R Pets - Tia Reese

The Tia dragons are the perfect elemental companions for any MAG build. Tia Reese represents Fire. Probably the most random of the bunch, Tia Reese spews out a random amount of flames to scorch your enemies. Its other skill, Enraged Tia Reese, unleashes a powerful fire explosion to its target.

But I’m not gonna like it, the damage isn’t really that much better compared to his basic attack, Flames of Tia Reese. Its attacks also apply burning debuff to the enemy, which adds a damage-over-time effect. If you’re using the Fire Pendant, then Tia Reese is a must-have on your team.

Tia Reet

WitchSpring R Pets - Tia Reet

Tia Reet is the lightning counterpart of Tia Reese. Representing lightning in the Tia dragons, Tia Reet excels when combined with a lightning damage-oriented build. It’s basic attack, Shock Spew fires bolts of electrical energy at the enemy. Its other skill, aptly named Shock Spew2, is a stronger version of its basic attack, acting as a railgun to obliterate the target.

Choosing which Tia dragon to summon ultimately boils down to preference. So, if you’re a little lightning wizard, then Tia Reet may be your main companion of choice during battles. Well, you can summon all three of them anyway.

Tia Rion

WitchSpring R Pets - Tia Rion

Tia Rion represents Ice in the Tia dragons. At first, I thought it’d be spewing out ice breath, freezing the enemies, but its attack is actually an adorable yet formidable headbutt. Tia Rion’s basic attack, Ice Horn Smash makes it ram its opponent with its ice horns. The attack scales with both MAG and STR but ultimately deals ice damage.

Its other skill, Frosty Rain Stroll has Tia Rion flying around its enemies, raining down a path of ice. The skill deals damage 20 times, which is the highest hit count in any skill in the game and also one of the highest damaging skills in the entire game.

The problem is it takes quite a while for Tia Rion to go online. But you don’t necessarily have to be an ice mage to have fun with Tia Rion, as it is quite viable for any situation for almost any build.

Zirconia Junior

WitchSpring R Pets - Zirconia Junior

Zirconia Junior is like the Tia dragons, except for when you’re running a full STR build. A core team member for any late-game STR mains. Zirconia Junior is simply a safe pick for your team as it deals a decent amount of damage, making it a pretty solid pick for an STR-oriented team. It’s simply a no-brainer. If the devs release a plushie for Zirconia Junior, we can finally move it to S-Tier.



WitchSpring R Pets - Nekomis

A mysterious cat chilling in the snowfield. Not much is known about Nekomis except for the fact that its ice damage buff is actually insane. Pairing Nekomis with the Blue Moonstone Staff and Tia Rion creates the Ultimate Ice Witch, dealing immense amounts of ice damage with the potential of even one-shotting the dragon boss monsters.

In terms of pure damage, Tia Rion would’ve taken this spot on the list. However, Nekomis excels against Tia Rion in terms of consistency. The consistent ice damage it deals with its Crevasse Field, which also makes the enemy more vulnerable to your ice attacks, and its occasional boosted damage to its Crevasse Mountain, makes Nekomis the ideal damage booster pet for Ice enthusiasts. Not to mention that the 7-Pillar Ice Circle is comparable in strength to the Eccar Vertel.

Backpack Spider

WitchSpring R Pets - Backpack Spider

In terms of raw damage when going for a MAG build, the Backpack Spider takes the crown as the absolute best damage dealer out of all the pets in the roster. The unassuming little cluster of scrap metal dishes out an insane amount of damage with its Backpack Missile, hitting the enemy three times with an insane amount of damage.

Increased to six times with its other skill, Double Backpack Missile! Even if you’re running a Life Build or a STR Build, the Backpack Spider is still fairly useful in terms of dishing out damage compared to other damage-oriented pets available. For those who love to min-max their damage numbers, then the Backpack Spider is an absolute must-have on your team.


WitchSpring R Pets - Brillion

I’m not sure if the devs really intended for Brillion to be discoverable literally after just getting Aslan. Brillion is the sole reason why Aslan gets shafted to your bench literally a few minutes after getting Aslan. Despite being a corrupted wolf monster, it completely overshadows Aslan in every shape and form. When running a STR build, Brillion is the go-to choice for the main companion for damage dealing.

Its Black Claw attack scales really well with STR and a little bit with MAG but it is an absolute mob eradicator for the most part of having it. Its Black Roar is a supercharged beam of dark magic, capable of deleting almost any mob with complete ease.

For a large chunk of the game, Brillion will also be your main traveling companion, as it has the second-highest movement speed out of all ground mounts in the game. Once you’ve gotten Brillion, it may be hard to accept that all of your other pets just got power-creeped.



WitchSpring R Pets - Lucca

Undoubtedly the most useful and beloved pet out of the entire pet roster. Not only does Lucca act as your main mode of transport for the majority of the entire game after you’ve got it, but it also aids so much in battles giving you an entire extra turn for Pieberry to abuse.

This fast-as-hell chocobo is the epitome of a must-have in WitchSpring R. Once you’ve gotten your hands on Lucca, you’ll never use any other mount in the game for your travels. Except for Eison because it’s literally the only pet capable of traversing bodies of water. Lucca is conclusively the very best of WitchSpring R Pets


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