New Goblin Slayer Game Coming To PC and Nintendo Switch

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A brand new Goblin Slayer game is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch! Goblin Slayer Another Adventure: Nightmare Feast is an upcoming turn-based tactics RPG from publishers BUSHIROAD Games. Featuring the goblin slayer party from the anime as well as an entirely new cast of adventurers. The game is set for release in on February 29th, 2024.

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About Goblin Slayer: Another Adventure – Nightmare Feast

Goblin Slayer Another Adventure: Nightmare Feast is a brand new turn-based tactics RPG based on the world of Goblin Slayer. Embark on an all new adventure with the main Goblin Slayer cast as well as a new cast of characters. Despite being set in the world of Goblin Slayer, the game will feature its own original storyline. But because of the nature of the novels being separate adventures to a certain extent, this actually fits right in as yet another addition to the adventures of the goblin slayer party. The game will also have an English and Japanese language options.


There may be someone you can never meet again but would like to see again , and if you could be reunited with that person , what would you sacrifice?

The main character of this work is a girl who takes over the management of an adventurer’s guild in place of her late father, a feudal lord who suddenly died, and becomes the guild master of a remote area and is active as an adventurer herself. She meets many friends on her adventure, starting with the vampire girl ‘Blood Princess’…

One day, she finds a strange ‘small box’ in her late father’s study. The true identity of the ‘small box’ is a “relice that makes it possible to revive the dead” that is said to exist in this land. As the intentions of those seeking to “resurrect the dead” intersect over the ‘small box’ will the protagonist’s party be able to put an end to a miserable series of events?

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Goblin Slayer Another Adventure: Nightmare Fest is set for launch on Steam and on the Nintendo Switch on February 29th, 2024. With the Japanese pre-orders being opened since October 12th, 2023.


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