E3 Turn-based Recap

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These days were the E3, with tons of conferences announcing the titles for the remaining 2021 and part of 2022. New games, and new content for some existing ones, were announced. Games of different genres were shown, being the action, action RPGs and shooter games the more represented, it seems that they are in a golden era, but, what happened to the turn-based games? They weren’t so frequent that other genres or systems, but they were there, but E3 gave us a nice perspective of their future. Let’s see which titles are coming.

Alliance of the Sacred Suns

A turn-based strategy game in the format 4X settled in the space, where you manage a spatial empire in its last days. Forge your alliance or destroy your enemies, to survive and grow like the biggest empire in space. No release date yet (2021).

Black Book

A turn-based RPG with a mix of point and click elements and cards mechanics, set on a dark story in the Russia of the Tzars. Estimated release date: Q3 2021.


A monster taming AKA Pokemon like game for PC and Nintendo Switch. Make your team of Coromon complete the story or use them in the online battles. Estimated release date: Q1 2022

Dice Legacy

A rogue-lite city builder where you use the dices to manage your population, upgrade it, obtain resources, expand your settlement, defend it from enemies and survive. No release date yet (2021).

Dark Deity

A Fire Emblem-like game, with a lot of classes, bonds between characters and grave wound system which influences on characters’ original stats. Release date: 16th June 2021.

Encased (currently on Early Access)

Encased is an isometric role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi environment. Currently on Early Access. Estimated release date: Q3 2021.

Haven (Physical edition announced)

The physical edition of the game released on 3rd December 2020. One of my favourites of that year, even I bought the OST on CD. You can check our review here. No release date of this version yet.


Take your historic civilization and rewrite the story through your decisions and actions in this mix of strategy 4X game and city builder. Release date: 17th August 2021

King’s Bounty II

The sequel of the acclaimed King’s Bounty. A title which certain reminiscence to the Heroes of Might and Magic Saga. It seems that it improved the first title in all its aspects. Release date: 24th August 2021

Lemnis Gate

Lemnis Gate is a first-person turn-based strategic shooter that takes place in a time loop. Master the unique abilities of powerful deep space agents and compete in stunning online multidimensional battles. And yes, it’s turn-based! Release date: 3rd August 2021

Lost Eilodons

A tactical RPG with similarities with Fire Emblem. A customizable main character and a lot of allies to recruit. Estimated release date: October 2021 (Early Access).

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Mario + Rabbids is back with new features, characters, enemies and skills. Unfortunately, we have to wait for 2022 to play it.


A tactical cyberpunk turn-based RPG set on an off-world grind house jungle colony. Skulk through the shadows or charge in guns blazing. Recruit a unique party for large squad-based assaults as your adventure plunges you deep into the city’s secrets. No release date yet.

Metal Slug Tactics

The classic arcade shooter saga converted into a tactical RPG with rogue-like elements. It looks very promising. No release date yet.

Project Haven

Project Haven is a squad tactics game set on the Earth’s last city. Play the story solo or co-op, plus procedural skirmishes for 1-4 players. No release date yet (2022).


A 3D pixel art, moral dilemmas, a soundtrack created by Motoi Sakuraba (Tales of Symphonia, Dark Souls II or Star Ocean Till the end of time, among others) and a hybrid system between real time and turn-based systems. No release date yet (2022).

She dreams elsewhere

A surreal adventure turn-based RPG where you must traverse an ethereal dreamscape, confront your inner nightmares, and escape from a never-ending coma. No release date yet.

Shin Megami Tensei V

Recruit, negotiate and defeat fiends to survive in a strange world. Fuse them to obtain stronger allies on your adventure, and overcome major threats. Release date: 11th November 2021 only on Nintendo Switch.

Songs of Conquest

A classic turn-based 4X strategy adventure that combines RPG, armed conflict and kingdom management. Create powerful armies, use ancient magic, and conquer distant lands to build your empire. Estimated release date: Q1 2022.


Wartales is an open-world tactical RPG in which you lead a group of mercenaries in their search for wealth across a massive medieval universe. Explore the world, recruit companions, collect bounties and unravel the secrets of the tombs of the ancients. Estimated release date: 2021 


Fight and manage your in this RPG about three friends. Their fate and that of the world depend on the battles of giant mechs. Review and upgrade them to beat new rivals. No release date yet.

At the end, we get an interesting list. Which titles do you like more? Which game causes you more hype? On TBL, we have several opinions, but we want to know yours! But a thing is true, the near future of turn-based games looks very promising.


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