Top Indie Games November 2022

Best Indie Turn-Based RPGs and Strategies Weeklong Deals – 9 November 2022

Marcello TBL

This week, there are a lot of indie games joining the weeklong party. I listed some of the best turn-based ...

Top 30 Turn-Based RPGs 2022

Top 30 Turn-Based RPGs of the last 2 years – Part II

Marcello TBL

Here is the second part of Top 30 Turn-Based RPGs of the last 2 years which you can play on ...


15 Open World Tactical RPGs you must play in 2022

Marcello TBL

An open world, it's what I'm always looking for inside the games I play. A Sandbox experience or the possibility of going around taking on quests without a pre-set order - it's vital for me and makes the whole difference. More and more games are taking this approach and below I've listed some of the best you can actually play that also offer another aspect I love; tactical battles.

Encased RPG

Fallout Inspired Encased: A Sci-fi Post-Apocalyptic Rpg – Review

Damiano Gerli

The year is 1970. The Cold War, surprisingly enough, has ended without an open conflict. All thanks to the Dome: a sensational technological marvel. It allowed the human civilization to achieve incredible scientific progress, bypassing decades of research. But, controlling the Dome comes with its own set of issues and concerns: this is where we come in…

Wrath Of The Righteous

The best Isometric Turn-Based RPGs

Marcello TBL

In this article we cover some of the best and playable Isometric Turn-Based RPGs. Games in the vein of the ...

On The Radar – September 2021


“The major difference between a thing that might go wrong and a thing that cannot possibly go wrong is that ...

Encased: a sci-fi post-apocalyptic RPG

Encased – Ready to launch in September

Marcello TBL

Prime Matter and Dark Crystal Games today announce the release date of Encased, the upcoming isometric, dystopian sci-fi RPG, with ...


E3 Turn-based Recap


These days were the E3, with tons of conferences announcing the titles for the remaining 2021 and part of 2022. ...

Encased – Character Creation & Gameplay

Marcello TBL

After our interview with Dark Crystal Games about Encased, here’s our gameplay that shows you the character creation and the ...

10 Turns Interview with Encased Developers


“You realize that our mistrust of the future makes it hard to give up the past.”― Chuck Palahniuk When I was ...

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