Prime Matter and Dark Crystal Games today announce the release date of Encased, the upcoming isometric, dystopian sci-fi RPG, with the mysterious dome opening on Tuesday, September 7th, 2021.

In keeping with today’s announcement, there are seven brand new screenshots from some of the later stages of the game. These can be downloaded here:

Set in an alternate year 1976, Encased lets players explore a hostile area called “The Dome.” This sealed wasteland is packed with amazing technology, but also deadly enemies.

Players begin in one of five disciplines – science, engineering, security, management, or convict – which affect both their initial stats and specialization, opening (or preventing) unique dialogues within the game.

As with all classic RPGs, the game is a mix of exploration, combat, and quest interactions. As you travel through the game world, supplies and weapons must be made and you try to make sure that today is not the last.

As you level up you will encounter six different factions that have appeared in this zone. Whether they become friends or enemies is entirely up to the player.

Encased is inspired by books like Roadside Picnic as well as some classic post-apocalyptic RPGs, creating a familiar but unique gaming environment that will appeal to both veterans and RPG newbies alike.

Encased, which will appear digitally on Steam, Epic and GOG for PC, is currently in the Early Access phase, where users can experience the entire first act and part of the second act.


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