Keep an Eye on It: 5 Upcoming Turn-based Games | #Ep6

Written by Marcello TBL

Keep an Eye On It Episode 6

Here we are with the sixth episode of KEEP AN EYE ON IT. My weekly column where i collect 5 and sometimes more upcoming turn-based RPGs and strategy games. For each game a short description with links and info about the devs. The article is followed by the video version, with trailers or gameplay scenes if available. Upcoming games mean, TBA, next year’s release, or even more. Here you will find all the episodes until now.

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Enough, let’s start this episode with 5 upcoming turn-based RPGs


Developer: Zade Studios


Beckoned RPG

Let’s start this episode with Beckoned by Zade Studios. A JRPG with a unique graphic & combat system. Practically after choosing the type of attack and enemy to attack, we will also have to decide from which direction to throw the blow, same thing as regards the blocking phase, really innovative, at first glance, it reminded me a bit of Quest for Glory, I don’t know why. Beckoned doesn’t have a release date yet, but there’s a playable demo prototype on Steam.

Lands of Sorcery

Developer: Equanimity Studios

Platforms: PC

Lands of Sorcery RPG

Lands of Sorcery by Equanimity Studios also reminds me a game from the past, Barbarian, an old Commodore 64 game. Compared to Barbarian’s action mechanics, Lands of Sorcery offers Darkest Dungeon-style gameplay, with four characters lined up one behind the other. The game focuses on combats, team’s provision, and equipment upgrades. Expected for Spring 2021 on Steam.

Fear & Fury

Developer: Iron Dust

Platforms: PC

Fear & Fury Pc Game

In Fear & Fury by Iron Dust we will play Simon Shaw. A mechanic cursed with lycanthropy. The game offers a 2d turn-based combat system where we can decide whether to exploit the beast in us or face enemies with the human part. A city to explore and choices to make that will change the course of events and our gameplay. There is no release date but on the other hand, there is a demo available on Steam.

Shields of Loyalty

Developer: Mosaic Mask Studio

Platforms: PC

Shields of Loyalty Strategy Game

As a fourth game, I present Shields of Loyalty by Mosaic Mask. A turn-based strategy with combat reminiscent of Heroes of Might and Magic. Units to train and level up, artifacts to find, and randomly generated environmental effects such as lightnings, storms or meteorites that occur and make no difference between friend and foe. No release date yet for Shields of Loyalty, here the link to their Steam Page.

ROGUERIA: Roguelikes X Tactics

Developer: Waxycorn Studio

Platforms: Pc

Rogueria Pc Turn-Based RPG

And we end this episode with Rogueria, a roguelike turn-based strategy with 8 characters to choose and level up, over 140 skills to manage, over 100 powerful artifacts to find and more than 80 events to face. The fights take place on small maps that are really well done and each junction will correspond to an event or a fight. Rogueria is expected for February 2021 on Steam.

This episode of Keep an Eye on It ends here, let me know what you think about these 5 upcoming indie turn-based strategy RPGs in the comments and on our social pages. Wish you the best



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  1. Shields of loyalty looks ok-ish; on the other hand im wondering what upgrade it would be compared to HOMM 7; graphics and mechanics look awful.
    Eagerly waiing on Kings Bounty 2 this year..
    Keep up the good work; love Turnbasedlovers, good newy year to you and the team!


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