The Lords of Pokémon: Legends Arceus Ranked From Easiest to Hardest (and how to beat them)

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Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokémon: Legends Arceus is one of the top-selling Pokémon games to date. Its sales figures have eclipsed even those of Pokémon Sword & Shield. One of its key features are Noble BattlesDark Souls dodging fests, requiring great precision. In this article, I’ll be ranking the Nobles from easiest to hardest, and provide tips on how to deal with them. Keep in mind that this is a very specialized article – and definitely requires some experience with the game to make sense of.

By the way, you can actually complete Noble Battles without any Pokémon combat. These tips, therefore, aren’t just for those who prefer the fighting approach – but also those, who lean towards the alternative options. In addition, the game gives you an opportunity to restart mid-battle, if you happen to lose – as a sort of anti-frustration feature. As always, spoilers will be kept to a minimal. Now, without further ado, let’s begin this list.

1. Kleavor

Kleavor - The Lords of Pokémon: Legends Arceus Ranked From Easiest to Hardest

Kleavor was the first Noble revealed in the trailers, and it’s also the first Noble you face in the game. A Bug/Rock type, this Scyther Evolution is unique to Hisui. Where Scizor’s clamping claws fail, Kleavor comes at the player with axe-like implements on each of its arms. Kleavor is watched by Warden Lian, a member of the Pearl Clan.

You defeat Nobles by lobbing balms at them – tiny sacks of a Noble’s favorite food. You must also utilize the dodge roll at every opportunity – and be ready to throw when your foe gets tired.

For Kleavor, I found it easiest to simply stick close to the tree, keeping myself just out of reach. Kleavor has two main attacks: a quick barrage of slashes, and a ground slam that sends out rocky shockwaves. The former can usually be avoided by hiding behind a corner. Eventually, though, Kleavor will adjust its position – often just before the ground slam attack. Be sure to either dodge out of the way, or find a better place to hide.

Throw balms while it’s catching its breath. As you hit certain checkpoints – indicated by white bars on its frenzy meter – you’ll be able to throw a Pokéball and engage Kleavor in battle. It is Level 18, and weak to Water, Rock, and Steel attacks. I’d recommend either bringing in Oshawott or Buizel to deal with it. 

2. Electrode

Electrode - The Lords of Pokémon: Legends Arceus Ranked From Easiest to Hardest

Electrode is the fourth Noble, and it is bonded with Melli – a member of the Diamond Clan. Though his Warden is rather obnoxious, Electrode is surprisingly easy to take down. If you know what to expect, that is.

Electrode has three attacks: summoning Voltorbs to drop onto you, releasing electrical balls that chase you for a bit before exploding, and a shockwave that covers 70-90% of the arena.

It’s pretty relentless with its attacks. However, with enough dodging and proper balm throwing, eventually you’ll whittle down its health. The best moment to strike is just after the shockwave attack, when it’s stunned for a few seconds.

It’s up to you whether to continue pelting it with balms, or send in your Pokémon. Electrode is Grass/Electric and is level 46 – so use Poison, Fire, Ice, and Bug types to deal with it. You can find Zubat/Golbat around the Wayward Cave area, and Yanma/Yanmega near the Wayward Cave bridge; Or, if you have a Hisuian Typhlosion, like I do – that works like an absolute charm.

3. Lilligant

Lilligant - The Lords of Pokémon: Legends Arceus Ranked From Easiest to Hardest

Lilligant is a step up from Electrode. Being only the second Noble in the game, she still packs quite the punch. Her Warden is Arezu, another member of the Diamond Clan, and a key person later in the story.

Though she’s only level 30, her Frenzy Attacks are sure to keep you running for your life. As with Electrode, her arsenal is relentless: a short-wave blast of sound, and a shockwave created as she slams down on you. What makes her harder, in my opinion, is that she’ll follow you around the arena way more often, constantly keeping you on your toes.

Dodge quickly – especially during the shockwave, which covers about as much area as the Electrode’s one. And – just like with Electrode – the best time to throw balms/Pokémon is when she’s recovering from that shockwave attack. If you intend to engage her in battle, be sure to bring some Flying, Poison, Fire, Ice, Bug, and Psychic types.

I’d recommend sending in Staraptor, Quilava, or the various Poison-types found around the Crimson Mirelands – like Croagunk and Zubat.

4. Arcanine


Oh, man. Arcanine is a tough one. Fighting within a restricted X-shaped area, you’ll be keeping a close eye on the newest Noble in the game – and the third one you’ll face. Lord Arcanine is a freshly-evolved Growlithe – but don’t let his lack of experience fool you. Almost immediately he becomes frenzied, and a nightmare to deal with.

His Warden is Palina, a member of the Pearl clan, and the secret lover of Basculegion’s Warden – Iscan of the Diamond Clan. First, you’ll need Basculegion to cross over to Firespit Island; once there, you’ll have to deal with the bandits who have kidnapped a Growlithe, mistaking it for the previous Lord’s son.

Once that’s settled, the bandits leave you to clean up their mess – and engage the newly-evolved Noble Arcanine in battle. He’s fast, and he breathes a lot of fire. His attacks consist of: a straight charge that you can dodge with a timed roll, a fireball, and a souped-up version of the previous attack. If you don’t calm him down by the third attack, he’ll become unstoppable, dealing a huge amount of damage.

Quickly throw your balms/Pokémon when he is charging during the last attack; the slow-moving fireballs are easy to dodge once you are near enough. Being a Rock/Fire type, this makes Hisuian Arcanine even more vulnerable than its Kanto variant. Water, Ground, and Fighting moves will knock him out pretty quickly. I’d recommend bringing Samurott, Floatzel, or Graveler from the island itself. Lord Arcanine is level 36.

5. Avalugg


Part 1.

Avalugg – the final Noble – is the hardest to beat. Not only is he the size of an apartment building, but his attacks are truly terrifying. Generally they include: a snowball flurry, ice spikes, icicle spears, and he finishes all that off with a beam attack that sweeps the entire arena.

What makes Avalugg such a dangerous foe to contend with is that – unlike other Nobles – he has three stages to his boss fight – each quicker and more varied. For the first stage, you only need to worry about the icicle spears; so, just keep a distance and time your rolls. His beam attack, however, you’ll have to dodge, or it’ll deal a lot of damage.

As for his snowball flurry, back up a bit in the arena and watch for the gap between shots; you can run right between them to prepare for the next onslaught. His ice spikes are generally easier in this first round. They are indicated by swirling pools of energy on the ground, appearing, after a few seconds of delay, in a straight line.

Part 2.

When he’s down to about half of his health, he’ll take things up a notch; he’ll begin to fire more icicle spears, and his ice spikes will follow one of these three patterns: the usual straight line, a zigzag – which you can dodge by rolling forward past an already broken spike, and a quickfire straight line that goes on for 3 rounds.

Finally, when he’s down to his last bar, he’ll add ice spikes to the snowball flurry phase. These are usually a couple seconds slower than the next barrage; just wait for them to vanish before quickly running across to avoid the snowballs. His ice spikes can also produce a ring of spiky hazards after they vanish – so watch your step. This time, as he prepares his beam attack, position yourself right in front of the final circle. This will ensure that you are close enough to his maw to time the dodge.

After that, he’ll need some time to recover – so keep throwing balms or send in a partner Pokémon of yours. Noble Avalugg is level 70, so I recommend having your party at least at level 75. Strong/agile moves will be key to defeating him in battle. Being Rock/Ice, he is weak to Fighting, Steel, Ground, and Water type moves. I personally used Hisuian Goodra (Hydro Pump/Iron Head), but you can also use Machoke/Machamp, Mamoswine, and Buizel/Samurott.

All in all, Noble Pokémon are a fun challenge for players old and new. If you’re a Dark Souls fan, dodging should be second nature to you: use that to your advantage. Once you complete the main storyline, you can also have rematches to test your skills, with each Warden pronouncing the time that you must beat. Lastly, have fun – and don’t sweat it (too much).


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