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8-Colors Star Guardians+ – Finally Available on Switch

Written by VeryWetLeaf

8-Colors Star Guardians+, Key Art

Developed by Andrea Demetrio, the turn-based, monster fighting, world defending, power rangers-esque, RPG of only 8 colors, 8-Colors Star Guardians+ is finally available on the Nintendo Switch. The game originally released on Steam last year, September 13th, 2023. It made it’s debut on the Nintendo platform back in January 11th, 2023. Switch users can finally experience this unique boss rush turn-based RPG.

8-Colors Star Guardians+ has been available for PCs via Steam and is now also available for the Nintendo Switch.

About 8-Colors Star Guardians+


Fight evil with pixelated style, in this turn-based, choose-your-boss-path game made with just 8 colors!

A heartfelt, ironic homage to the tokusatsu genre
Oh no! Evil alien monsters have attacked Earth (yet again)! But fret not, because the Star Guardians, an elite group of fighters led by the hot-blooded Rhea, is going to kick their backs back to outer space!


  • Plan Your Path
    Face eight gigantic galactic monsters, carefully choosing which ones to tackle first! Unlock skills by defeating the weakest ones and use them to best the heavy-hitters! And don’t worry if you don’t do it at the first attempt, your teammates will offer precious advice after every defeat!
  • Meet your (dysfunctional) heroines!
    The Star Guardians are a motley crew of girls and women at different stages of their lives, with their quirks, aspirations, crushes and little idiosyncrasies. Learn more about their relationships after beating (or being defeated) by a boss.
  • Up for one more challenge?
    Choose between a more relaxed Story Mode, with dialogues, hints and charming interactions, and a more brutal Arcade Mode, where you’ll have to best all enemies in a set amount of turns. Can you beat them all before the timer runs out?
  • Wait, there’s more!
    This edition adds more content and quality-of-life improvements, compared to the original version:
    Story Mode Chapter 2: One year after the end of Chapter 1, fight through a gauntlet of deadly ensembles of monsters, find the truth behind the mysterious White Guardian, and bring back peace to the planet once more!
    Unlockable costumes for all characters, obtained by clearing Story and Arcade mode
    Improved settings and user interface
8-Colors Star Guardian+ – Nintendo




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