Once Upon A Dungeon II – Finally Ready To Launch After 2 years In Development

Written by VeryWetLeaf

Once Upon A Dungeon II, Key Art

Developed by an up and coming small indie game studio, Koto Games, comes their latest endeavor. Their “turn-based, hack-n’-slash oriented roguelike”, Once Upon A Dungeon II. After 2 full years in development, the game is finally ready for launch.

Once Upon A Dungeon II will be releasing on January 19th, 2024 and will be available for PC via Steam and itch.io. For those who want to try the game first before making a commitment, a free demo is also available.

About Once Upon A Dungeon II


I thought I had fulfilled my duty – the dungeon cleared, the head of the Fallen One delivered to the king’s court. Clearly I must have overlooked some evil minions. Moreover, while escaping, they took the Slavic Gods statues with them, the master controlling them, thus becoming powerful foes. Now I have been blamed for the evil spreading throughout the country and am forced to sort it out. It’s gonna be tough…


  • turn based, loot/hack oriented
  • large, seamless, hand-crafted, outer world featuring random layout. Travel it on foot, or using teleports.
  • many procedurally generated dungeons to explore
  • tons of various loot
  • advanced fight system – use melee or projectiles. Experience different effects (bleeding, freezing, stunning), learn to recover from them
  • different monsters (ordinary, champions, bosses)
  • passive and active abilities
  • inventory/trade mechanics
  • ally mechanics, it: gains experience, levels up, can heal self, uses equipment exactly as the main hero does
  • dialog/quest system with a full voice acting
  • crafting system – enhance equipment, one made better by merging two items together, craft potions and much more
  • cut-scenes for milestone game events
  • customizable controls
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