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Solium Infernum – Free Multiplayer Playtest Weekend

Written by VeryWetLeaf

Solium Infernum Playtest, Key Art

One turn-based strategy game out there that’s been making waves among grand strategy fans is Solium Infernum. Developed by League of Geeks, the same people behind the highly popular Armello, comes a devilishly cunning grand strategy game. Think Civilization but in hell. Solium Infernum let’s you play with up to 5 of your friends (friends for now) and deck it out in a backstabbing filled campaign. The game also features a very unique asynchronous multiplayer that let’s you play with even the busiest of your archfriends.

If any of that sounds any good to you, then the devs are running a free multiplayer playtest. The multiplayer playtest will be held this entire weekend from January 12th to 14th. Don’t miss the chance to gather your friends and put the game to the test. And also your friendship.

Try out Solium Infernum on PC via Steam and don’t forget to wishlist the game if you enjoyed. Want to know more about the game? Check out our article here!

About Solium Infernum Playtest Weekend

Our Demo Multiplayer Weekend is LIVE NOW!
You’re able to hop in and play Solium Infernum with your friends for FREE — for this weekend only!

How do I Join?

  • Go to the Solium Infernum Steam Page
  • Click “Join the Solium Infernum Playtest” & Download the Playtest App
  • Boot up & Play!

** Note: If you have already requested access, the game should be in your library!

I Don’t Have Anyone to Play With?

There is a role and channel in our Official League of Geeks Discord specifically created for matchmaking for this MP Demo Weekend! Feel free to swing by and hop in.

Current Known Issues

  • We’ve found that Mammon’s Chains of Avarice isn’t providing coins to the Big Boy… We’ve fixed this, but it’s not polished enough to be implemented this weekend!
  • If a full lobby is abandoned by the Host, it will safely destroy the game, but other players won’t be notified. They can safely exit the lobby. If a player gets in first and submits a turn, they will get an NMA, close the game and reopen to escape.
  • Amulets that boost and maintain your power to level 2 aren’t currently working as intended. (The Amulets affected are the Amulet of Wrath, Amulet of Deceit, Amulet of Prophecy, Amulet of Destruction, Amulet of Charisma).
  • Queuing for a live game AND async matchmaking game simultaneously can get the game into a strange state — preferably just do one, or the other!
  • Small potential, particularly in sessional games, for the client to get stuck on a previous turn, more common if a turn or turns are missed. Can usually be addressed by quitting the client and relaunching.
  • Attacking a legion that just spawned in the current turn can leave the battle UI on screen. Can remedy this by restarting the client.
  • Battle Report replays (via the View button) may not resolve correctly in all cases.
  • If eliminated from a sessional game, you may not be able to play another sessional (or async) MP game until that game ends. You’ll likely continue to receive notifications each turn as well, and can continue to view the game, though you won’t have turns to submit.
  • If a player joins a lobby before the host has selected an Archfiend, the lobby may have some info wrong (game name, etc).
  • If Diplomacy icons are missing from Diplomacy screen, causing the game state to refresh (add or remove an order, ie Demand Tribute) will make them appear.
  • We have experienced an issue where turns may pop a little sooner than the turn timer indicates. We don’t have a reliable reproduction for this yet though. It usually progresses when there’s a minute left on the turn timer.

Other Notes

If players have a sessional game active, your async games will be locked. You can return to your async games by forfeiting from your sessional games.

You can abandon your matches from the main front menu.

You can also abandon/forfeit matches in-game:

  • To leave an async game: Hit ESC and the Archfiend Trail of the Throne UI will come up, down the bottom left is the Abandon Game Button
  • To leave a sessional lobby: Hit ESC and there will be the Vertical Menu (there will be a Forfeit button nested in the middle there).
  • You can access this menu even in the End Game Screens by hitting ESC.

Want to Give Feedback?

Feel free to pop it into our in-game bug reporter, or drop it in our feedback section on the Discord!

We’re really eager to grab feedback specifically on:

  • Optimisation performance
  • Multiplayer stability
  • Matchmaking and custom game experiences
  • Relics
  • End game experience
  • UX edge cases – where are the uncommon interactions we should clean up?
  • Unexplained rules – which game rules are still unclear?

We’re actively doing optimisation work for launch! We’re very interested in any information on how you find the game performing, so feel free to test out our new settings and let us know how you find it!

See you in Hell!

Chan + LoG <3

Solium Infernum – Steam News




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