A Guide to Weeklong Deals | Top Turn-Based Game to Buy in October 2022

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Top Turn-Based Games to buy in October 2022

Another week and another list of great turn-based games with discounted tags. The Valve store, as happens every week, opens its door to serious deals up to 90% off. Games of different genres and some top unmissable hits are listed here.

Best Turn-Based RPGs & Strategy games to get during the Weeklong Deals

One of the latest games in Warhammer 40k setting and maybe one of the best for sure. Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters by Complex Games is a turn-based strategy game where players lead the Grey Knights across the galaxy dealing with cultists, minions, and Death Guard Chaos Space Marines. The game features an XCOM-style grid-based battle system with covers, destructible environments, and cool cinematics.

Chaos Gate

Lots of skills and customizations and even base management in which players can upgrade and build new structures and conduct research to unlock things and advantages. 25% off until the 1st of November 2022.

It’s impossible not to notice and list Disgaea 5 Complete with 75% off. The crazy turn-based tactics RPG from Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. is one of the most iconic franchises ever. Players take the role of Killia, a charismatic demon fighting against Void Dark. He will put together a team of hilarious and loony heroes to fight in a rebellion against the overlord. Disgaea 5 Complete includes everything the game has to offer, like; 8 bonus scenarios, 4 fan-favorite characters, and 3 character classes that were originally DLC in the PlayStation 4 release of Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance.

Monster Train by Shiny Shoe is roguelite game with a unique concept. Players are on a train to an almost frozen hell, on board, there is a precious pyre that can bring back the heat. Heaven can’t allow that and will try to stop it with everything they got.

Inside the train, there are four floors to defend, with the pyre on the top floor. Enemies will assault the train starting from the first floor up to the fourth, trying to destroy the pyre. Players must use their deck to build up the defense made by monsters and spells. The concept brings a lot of cool ways to strategize and fight back enemies and bosses while choosing the next node for the train across the map where to find items, artifacts, and events. Roguelite by nature means lots of game over but also a lot of things to unlock, now with 70% discount

Released in 2018, Deep Sky Derelicts by Snowhound Games is a dungeon-crawler deckbuilding RPG in which players explore derelict alien ships looking for loot and treasures. Explorations happen inside tile-based maps, and players can decide where to go using EP being careful not to run out of them and trying to avoid traps and fighting space monsters in turn-based card battles. When at home, players can manage their mercenaries, by leveling them up, hiring new ones, and accepting quests. Save 85% on Deep Sky Derelicts.

One of the most long-lived series in JRPGs is now offered at a 40% discount. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV features a roaster of characters from the previous Trails of Cold Steel games reunited to fight the Erebonian Empire. Turn-Based combat system where players can even invite to the party giant mechs.

Xcom Chimera Squad

Probably the best deal of the week according to me. XCOM: Chimera Squad is the spinoff (or the digestive bitter) of XCOM 2. Set after the events of XCOM 2, aliens and humans live peacefully but an unknown threat is working in the shadow to bring war again. As a multi-species swat team called, of course, Chimera Squad, players must uncover the evil plan and save earth again.

XCOM: Chimera Squad introduces a fun swat breach system that i will gladly be happy to see inside an XCOM 3 and a lighted version of the strategy layer. Anyway a great deal with 75% off.

Roguelites, Bounties of the King, FFT-inspired RPG, and Fire Emblems alike

Defend the Rook is a rogue-lite tactical game with tower defense mechanics. Developed by One Up Plus (Dungeontop & Spellsword Cards), the game puts players in defense of a mobile castle using heroes, spells, traps, and even towers to repel the invaders. Mostly positive reviews on Steam and a 50% discounted price tag.

Another iconic series in the strategy RPG genre is offering some of its best with a serious deal. Let’s start with King’s Bounty: Crossworlds. This stand-alone expansion contains the Armored Princess game with extensive updates, two additional campaigns; Champion of the Arena and Defender of the Crown, and a solid world editor. Hex grid-based Turn-Based battles with fantasy creatures and explorations. Now 75% off

Part of the weeklong deals is even the latest in the series. King’s Bounty II. Not so well received, with mixed reviews on Steam, the game is still great in terms of content and what it has to offer. For the first time in a King’s Bounty game, the exploration feature a camera from the back of the main hero, (choosable between 3 of them, each with their own storyline) while the combat system remains loyal, featuring hex and turn-based combat system. 60% off

We covered Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark by 6 Eyes Studio a lot, inside articles and videos. And we made it for one reason. The game is awesome! A Final Fantasy Tactics-inspired RPG with a combat system reminiscent of the Square game and a solid and complex class system. Players find themself in the shoes of an Arbiter who must uncover and fight corruption invading the order of the Arbiters.

If you can get past the visual style, which is not so appealing according to me, you will probably discover an amazing game, and thanks to the Missions and Monsters DLC, things become even deeper. 75% off

Ok, I played Rise Eterna a bit, and personally, I find it a little “linear,” at least in the starting phase, so I put it aside and never played again. But, a game with a 90% discount which puts the price tag at 1,67 euros, is a videogame to take no matter what I can say or people can say, especially if you are a fan of turn-based strategy games like Fire Emblem.

Rise Eterna

In Rise Eterna, players will meet 14 playable characters with unique skills and enhancements unlocked through the use of gems, crafted with battle’s loot.

First-person dungeon crawler, HP Lovecraftian RPG and flying-spaghetti fantasy adventure

If you are in for first-person dungeon crawlers, you are the right person at the right time. Labyrinth Of Refrain: Coven Of Dusk offers hours of exploration and turn-based battle in an old fashion style. Players, impersonating Dusk Witch Dronya, who can create puppet soldiers to bring to war, choose specializations that suit the party the best. Quests, artifacts, and secret chambers to discover in Labyrinth Of Refrain, now 70% off

Maybe Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones by Cultic Games is the perfect game to play during Halloween week. An RPG experience that mixes point-and-click-like investigations and turn-based battles. Set in a dark HP Lovecraft world, the game oozes mystery and madness as players explore and uncover secrets better left untouched. 8 characters to choose from, each with a different background story and skills and companions to find along the way. Save 80% on Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones now.

Be sure to give Doom & Destiny by Heartbit Interactive a try once in your life. An unexpected, fun, deep RPG experience filled with humor and JRPG battles. Four nerds will find themself in a fantasy world playing the hero’s role no one needs. More than 40 hours of gameplay, filled with quests and side quests, with secrets to unlock and an impressive list of key features. Use the 90% discount to jump into the game, and you will probably feel the desire to play the other two titles in the series.

The last game of this Steam Weeklong Deals is Mortal Glory by Redbeak Games. A turn-based tactic rogue-lite RPG with a straight-to-the-point idea. Players will choose their party, composed of up to 4 characters, and fight inside arenas for gold and glory. The higher the challenges, the better the rewards. Brutal battles are filled with special skills, spells, and environments to take advantage of. Save 50% on Mortal Glory now.


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