A new boss and achievement in latest Broken Ranks update

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Broken Ranks

After a successful update that introduced the marketplace, is implementing yet another feature from its roadmap – a new boss instance together with an introductory quest, the previously announced continuation of the Castle Specter questline, part one of the achievements system, as well as many minor improvements and fixes, including those reported by our community. The update will go live on June 29th.

“This time we are giving our players the Puppet Master instance, which will give low level players more things to do as well as provide high level players with a place where they can work on improving their pets. Adding new content to the game is our priority – we’re halfway through our roadmap and we’re planning to add two more boss instances this year.”, says the founder of the studio, Krzysztof Danilewicz.

The boss instance is meant for characters about level 29. With it, we’ll introduce four new legendary items to the game. Players will be able to loot them from the boss, the Puppet Master. They can begin their adventure with an introductory quest that will explain the background of the place and of the infamous experiments conducted therein.

Apart from that, we’ll add the continuation of the Ars Moriendi questline telling the story of one of the recently added bosses – the Castle Specter.

“Apart from the instance and the quest, we’re also introducing part one of the achievements system. It’s an important mechanism that will let our players get engaged in the game even more. Both our player and we think that this system has a huge potential. Due to that, we’ll surely expand it in the future, e.g. by adding even more achievements. We’re also considering introducing prizes. In addition to all that, the update also features several minor, yet important, fixes”, adds Danilewicz.

A full list of changes can be found on the website of Broken Ranks HERE.

Broken Ranks is a successor to the MMORPG The Pride of Taern. It boasts a unique, turn-based combat system and a grim, low-fantasy world seen from an isometric view. The title is reminiscent of such classics as the HoM&M series or Baldur’s Gate. Adventurers will be able to find a lot of story-driven quests and a vast, interesting world ready to be explored alone, in a group, or with guildmates.

Broken Ranks is available on PCs through a client.

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