Abalon: All New Horde Survival Update

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Abalon - Key Art

Developers D20Studios launches Abalon: Horde Survival, its 8th major update since launch. Horde Survival introduces a brand new game mode where players choose their team and spells before going to battle and stand strong and attempt to survive against the horde.

Abalon gameplay

Horde Survival Mode Features

  • 45 Minute Runs – allow players to cut right into the strategy of building their team upfront so you can learn fast and live or die to fight another day
  • 8 Waves of Horrific Enemies – include withered beings that transmogrify their victims into copies of themselves, vampires that can hypnotize your allies and bend them to their will, and scavenging horrors that feed on carrion and grow to gigantic proportions
  • Satchel Supplies – include potions to recover health and spells as well as traps and walls players that can be placed to fortify defenses. Players start with a small supply and can earn more from defeating monsters. But you’ll have to risk entering the mob of monsters to get them
  • Raise An Army – by playing spells to summon elementals, dragons, immortal cats and other creatures. Unlike other game modes, units in survival mode persist across battles
  • Endless Mode – Complete all 8 waves and retire victoriously or continue onto endless mode. Each wave of enemies is a handcrafted encounter presenting unique combinations of diabolical units to challenge your strategies

About Abalon

Abalon is a roguelike adventure that fuses tactical turn-based combat and card strategy inspired by traditional tabletop games. The game draws inspiration from classic tabletop games such as D&D and Magic: The Gathering and combines tactical combat and thoughtful events. Explore the world in real time and uncover scrolls, buy powerful cards, or even attend a goblin’s birthday party. The combat brings you into a turn-based strategy situation where positioning is key to victory. Build the perfect deck in an ever-changing adventure and test your might against the toughest of foes!

Abalon and the Horde Survival Update is available on PC via Steam


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