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All Quiet In The Trenches – World War I Strategy RPG Now In Early Access

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World War 2 is an event that’s pretty much common knowledge to the average person these days. Kids in school are pumped with information about it in their history class. Even without that, entertainment media had been adapting the event in books, movies, and even video games. However, World War 1 isn’t as common knowledge as the more recent world war. Even less so the perspective of the Germans. All Quiet In The Trenches from Totally Not Aliens attempts to shed light to the more realistic experience of normal soldiers and officers that had the unfortunate experience of being on the front lines.

All Quiet In The Trenches finally releases as an Early Access title on Steam. With plans to keep the game on early access for an additional 1-2 years. Currently, the game covers events from early 1915 to early 1916. The full release should cover up until the end of the war in November 1918.

About All Quiet In The Trenches


All Quiet in the Trenches is a narrative turn-based strategy RPG set in World War I. Get to know your soldiers, take care of their needs and lead them in battle, trying to strike a precarious balance between the ambitions of your superiors and the survival of your men.

1915, World War I, Western Front. As a German Unteroffizier, you are responsible for a group of soldiers. Whether they will survive the war is in your hands. Welcome to the trenches, Herr Unteroffizier!

The time in the camp is marked by heavy labor with an insecure supply situation. Is there enough time for the men to rest? Can they process the horrors they have experienced and mourn the fallen?

Your decisions between the needs of the soldiers and the demands of the superiors result in a unique story each time. But your choices don’t change the war. They change the life of your soldiers.

The chaos of war threatens the physical and mental well-being of the soldiers. Again and again you have to make decisions in an attempt to face the fatal coincidences of the battlefield.

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