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Featuring a wonderful mythical world of Puerta del Sol in Madrid to the mountains of Asturias. Bestiario will take players in a fantastic adventure filled with Spanish mythology and folklore. Offering a deep turn-based and dynamic combat system. Heavily inspired by JRPGs such as Persona, Final Fantasy, and Grandia. The game aspires to turn the vast compendium of Spanish legends into an immersive world.

Bestiario is currently running its Kickstarter Campaign until March 3, 2024. On release, the game will be available digitally on Steam, Epic, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 5, and on the Xbox. As well as physical editions for the said consoles.

About Bestiario


In a post-pandemic Spain, from the Puerta del Sol in Madrid to the mountains of Asturias, we will fight with our diverse group of hunters to save the world from a new threat, a supernatural one this time around.
The fearsome ojáncano from the mythology of Cantabria, a huge cyclops with ten fingers on each hand; the cocollona, from Catalan mythology, a nun who, when she sins, turns into a crocodile with butterfly wings; or the goddess Mari from Basque mythology, whom you shall never turn your back to, are just a few of the many creatures that inhabit the vast world of Bestiario, together with fairies, witches, reimagined versions of vampires and werewolves, and many more.    

We will face these creatures in a challenging turn-based combat system, where we’ll have to use our strategic skills and the environment to our advantage, from dungeons to forests and combats in the city. Each decision will have an impact on the end result of the encounter. Mechanics like combos and interruptions, among others, will give these encounters great dynamism. However, not everything will be fighting.

Through a calendar and a social sim system, we will have total freedom to spend our day however we want, which will give us time to do side quests, play minigames and form bonds with other characters.
Bestiario will offer players a rich new world to explore, the one of Spanish mythology and folklore, combining naturally the best from the classic JRPGs with the touch of national games: the ÑRPG.  


  • JRPG based on the rich Spanish mythology and folklore. Could we call it a ÑRPG?
  • Inspired by franchises like Persona, Final Fantasy, Grandia and other classic JRPGs..
  • Challenging turn-based combat where each strategic decision will impact the result.
  • Great dynamism in combat thanks to mechanics like combos, interruptions and freedom of movement in the area that will allow us to use the environment to our advantage.
  • A calendar system, with side quests, minigames and freedom to go about our daily life however we want.
  • Social sim aspects that will allow us to form bonds with other characters and explore the story further.
  • 3D models with pixel art textures that will take us back to the times of Megaman Legends, Legends of Dragoons or Breath of Fire IV, among others, for its 2D and pixel art mix.
  • The Spanish guitar of Carlos Romero and Enoc Benítez at the service of the original soundtrack.
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