Tarnished Blood – Upcoming Turn-Based Roguelite With Unique Time-Bending Mechanics

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From the creator of My Memory of Us comes a unique turn-based roguelite experience, Tarnished Blood. Featuring a hellish realm filled with colossal, bloodthirsty beasts, players embark on a time-bending adventure to survive in its cursed world.

Developed by Juggler Games and published by Nakayama Games and Galaktus, Tarnished Blood debuts on PC via Steam later this year. A demo version of the game is currently available and will be part on this February’s Steam Next Fest.

About Tarnished Blood


Serve the ancient Protector Tree, as you slay gigantic beasts and harvest their essence in this turn-based roguelite RPG with a truly unique, time-bending battle mechanic! Can you help a group of hunters survive in the cruel world under the Dome…?


  • Extensive system of traits, wounds, and traumas
  • Choose from four distinct tribes, each offering unique abilities and playstyles
  • Permanent body modifications, e.g. petrification, cut off limbs, wooden arms…
  • Dynamically changing gameplay through hunting events and settlements events
  • Hidden pieces of lore in bonus materials and item descriptions
  • hidden pieces of lore in bonus materials and item descriptions
  • Epic music score composed by Patryk Scelina
  • High customizability of each run
  • 10h+ of gameplay per campaign
  • Each campaign unlocks distinct items, events, abilities, and bosses, continually enriching and diversifying your subsequent playthroughs.
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