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What? Two Versions of Suleiman of the Ottomans? Let’s see what Civ got here!

Written by Emreokumus

Civilization 6 Ottoman

In previous Civilization games, we were used to seeing multiple leaders of a single civilization. But since Civilization 6’s Gathering Storm expansion, that situation has evolved a little bit. Now there are two versions of a single leader. Catherine De Medici, Teddy Roosevelt, Kubilai Khan and Eleanor are the leaders which have two versions of themselves. Now, Suleiman of the Ottomans has joined the party!

Since the latest leader pack release, there is no “Suleiman” only. Now you choose “Suleiman (Kanuni)” or “Suleiman (Muhteşem)“. So what are the differences, pluses, and minuses? Let’s see!

Suleiman (Kanuni)

Let’s start with what “Kanuni” means. It means  “lawgiver” in English. That title is given to Suleiman by the people of Ottoman Empire. Because he revised and adjusted Ottoman laws and despite Turkic and Islamic traditions, he settled a proper law system for the empire. He put an order to the Ottoman community and all those efforts were one of the biggest things that make him a true ruler.

Civilization Ottomans Suleiman Kanuni

Kanuni Suleiman is the regular Ottoman leader we got used to in Civilization 6 since the Gathering Storm expansion. He is the only leader in the game who has a unique governor, Ibrahim. With his game changer militaristic skills like “serasker” and default skill “pasha” Ottomans gain a super advantage in the domination victory.

Suleiman (Muhteşem)

The magnificent version is more like a reference to an older and wiser Suleiman instead of full of offensive and warmonger understanding he used to have in his younghood. Moreover, it is a clear fact and admired by every respectable history academician, his period was a golden age for the Ottoman Empire and the magnificent version makes you feel that fact.

Civilization Suleiman mutìhtesem

Ottomans are mostly known for their warfare and conquests. But especially from Mehmed II to Selim II (Suleiman’s son) Ottomans were advanced in either technological or cultural ways. Most famous eastern writers, poets, engineers, architects, admirals and generals were generated by the Ottomans during that period. 

So, is giving cultural and scientific advantages to the Ottomans a rulebreaker move? If you know Suleiman’s era, you could easily say no, it is definitely fair.

Suleiman Strategies to Follow in a Brief

With “Great Turkish Bombard” ability of Ottoman Empire, it is always advantageous to build siege units, conquer cities and keep them loyal. But the way how you do it changes according to your choice between two versions of Suleiman.

With Kanuni Suleiman, rush to Governor Ibrahim to speed up your militaristic productions. He adds +%20 production to his city when it produces military units. When you combine this with +%50 production to siege units production (only Ottomans have that in the game), one of your cities can be a house of massive siege weapon production. Also, with “Serasker” title of Ibrahim, you may gain additional combat strength while attacking cities in 10 tiles range. Of course, with Great Turkish Bombard threat, your siege units have +5 already. So, consider your siege units have +15 combat strength while attacking cities. I’m not even started to talk about a Great General near your machines yet….

So, basically Kanuni Suleiman has an unstoppable militaristic power in the game. What about the Muhteşem Suleiman? He is a 360 degree leader and can lead you to any type of victory. During golden ages, your empire will have +%15 Science and Culture production and you can make your golden age longer with all your advancements.

This is perfect but what if you fail to reach a golden age? Don’t worry! If you are in a standard or dark age, your units will have combat strength bonuses against civilizations that are not in golden age. So basically, if you are in a golden age, Muhteşem Suleiman makes that golden age even brighter. If you are in a standard or dark age, Suleiman can definitely lead you to a golden or heroic one in the next era.

Are Those Versions Historically Accurate?

To be honest, there is a huge mistake Civilization has made with unique units. They dedicated the Janissary unit to Kanuni Suleiman and Barbary Corsair to the Ottoman Empire. But actually, it is supposed to be the reverse of it. Because the Janissary department has been established in 1300’s by the Murad I, and their appearance continued till the 19th Century. So it is definitely not unique to Suleiman but to the empire. But Barbary Corsairs were not even actual units. They were North African corsair communities made loyalty oath to Suleiman and obeyed his rule. It was exactly unique to Suleiman. And there is no acceptable reason to cancel Janissaries for Suleiman the Magnificent.

What Are Pluses and Minuses Against Each Other?

Recommended Victory TypesDominationDomination, Science
Unique UnitsBarbary Corsair, JanissaryBarbary Corsair
Unique GovernorsIbrahimNone
Militaristic SkillsJanissaries, Ibrahim’s production and combat strength bonuses.Advantage over the civs which are having a standard or dark age while Ottomans are in standard or dark age
Government SkillsNo additional policies but Ibrahim is helpful with keep people loyal.None
Cultural SkillsNone+%15 Culture during either golden and heroic ages.
Scientific SkillsNone+%15 Science during either golden and heroic ages.
Religous SkillsNoneNone
Diplomatic SkillsIbrahim can be assigned to other civilizations cities.None
Economic SkillsNoneNone

Final Verdict

Kanuni Suleiman is more powerful in the way of domination, but if you want to build a civilization that is racing in science and culture victory as well, you may play with Muhteşem Suleiman rather than Kanuni.


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