Civilization VI

Civilization VI Rulers of China

Civilization VI “Rulers of China” Leader Pack Looks Awesome! Let’s Take a Look


The world’s population currently is almost 8 billion and over 1.4 billion of them live in China. Apparently, the Civilization ...


Do you seek ultimate power in Civilization VI? Here the 8 overpowered unique units


As it is clear in the game’s name, the main goal is building a civilization that will stand the test ...

Civilization 6 Ottoman

What? Two Versions of Suleiman of the Ottomans? Let’s see what Civ got here!


In previous Civilization games, we were used to seeing multiple leaders of a single civilization. But since Civilization 6’s Gathering ...

Civilization VI

Civilization VI – Leader pass Announcement Trailer

Marcello TBL

Civilization VI is not dead yet. One of the greatest strategy games ever, is ready to give you some more ...