Civilization VI “Rulers of China” Leader Pack Looks Awesome! Let’s Take a Look

Written by Emreokumus

Civilization VI Rulers of China

The world’s population currently is almost 8 billion and over 1.4 billion of them live in China. Apparently, the Civilization game recognizes this fact with 5 China leaders in total. Three of them have just been released with the last “Rulers of China” leader pack. Let’s see who they are and how they are going to change the game!

Wu Zetian

Wu Zetian Civilization VI

Be careful Catherine de Medici! You are not alone in spy games anymore. With her outstanding intelligence skills, Wu Zetian has a strong hand in “game of thrones” right now.

Loyal and aged enough Civilization players would remember her from Civilization 5. There is where we see her first in Civ series. In Civilization 5, she was highlighted with warmonger abilities which supports China’s great general generation. But now, she is a little bit sneaky rather than a warrior.

Wu Zetian’s ability is “Manual of Entrapment”

If you are a player who uses his spies on other civilization’s cities, you are going to like this. Wu Zetian receives her first Spy when she completed researching “Defensive Tactics” and starts the spy operations before any leader in the game. Also, her spies operate their missions one more level higher if they are offensive missions. Isn’t it satisfying? There is even more!

When Wu Zetian’s spies successfully complete their offensive missions, Wu Zetian gets %50 of the science and culture of that city produced that turn. Imagine the income you’ll get by completing “steal tech” mission. Plus, Dynastic Cycle is going to give you eureka bonus you get from the steal tech mission.

And remember, this secret agent-style game is going to give you combat bonuses in a war against the player you sent your spies.


Yongle Civilization VI

Do you describe yourself as a person of projects? If yes, that means you have a lot in common with Yongle. He loves city projects, and you are going to love his ability that helps you to focus on what you exactly need.

Yongle Gives Everything His People Need

He is a skilled leader who gives anything to his people. Drought strike? Here is your food! Infidels? Let’s pray! Lack of gold? Easy task, here is your money. But how?

“Lijia” is Yongle’s leader ability which allows you to complete unique city projects. With Lijia projects, you can convert 50% of your city’s production into faith or food. If you need gold, you’re even more lucky! Because with the Lijia project you can convert your productions 100% to gold. This reminds old Civ5 days… Any civilization could convert its production to science or gold. But now, Yongle is the only answer if you want to spend your production on food, faith, or gold.

So, how are you going to use that ability? You can play a peaceful game and focus on your cities’ growth. You can rush for faith production and build a missionary army to spread your religion or you can support your battles with money you produce in every city. Up to you!

Qin Shi Huang the Unifier

Qin Shi Huang

Qin Shi Huan is one of the first leaders in Civilization 6 since it was released. If we go back to those times, we can remember that we categorized him as a cultural victory-focused leader. But we are pretty sure millions of players around the world have been warned by him because they built the wonders he aimed for. As it turns out, we pissed him off guys…

Now Qin Shi Huan seeks power, not culture. And if you thought he unifies everybody in a peaceful way, that… May not be the truth. He unifies, barbarians under his rule! And that is a real game-changer especially in the early game!

Make Those Barbarians Useful!

Everyone hates barbarians, right? They send a single scout, an exclamation mark appears on his head and the party begins… Waves after waves pillage your improvements and make you focus on military production rather than efforts of development. Eventually, you miss a lot of productive opportunities because you spend everything on military production. But with the unifier, this will not happen anymore!

One of the great generals in the game, Saint Joan of Arc has the ability which converts adjacent barbarian units to her civilization. With Qin Shi Huan the Unifier, every single Chinese unit has that ability! Choose him, and play a game with your friends. And enjoy your converted barbarian units while your friends crying because of barbarian invasions!

Espionage, growth, or domination… This new leader pack has it all! One more turn awaits, have fun.


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