Treachery in Beatdown City Ultra Remix

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Treachery in Beatdown City

Treachery in Beatdown City is a PC and Switch 2020 blend of action and turn-based combat that recalls arcade beat-em-up games, and now, developer announced the massive Free DLC Ultra Remix, which will add new maps, new enemies, and new attack and defense moves and will come out on the 27th of April 2023 alongside the Xbox release of the game.

Read more about the game and check out the DLC trailer

Prepare to take the streets back as three unlikely yet incredible heroes in this hybrid RPG beat-em-up where you’ll go up against not only the corrupt system, but fight off hordes of fascist cops, disorderly thugs, preppy cyclists, entitles joggers, affluent punks, ninjas, terrorists; and even ninja terrorists.

After the kidnapping of President Blake Orama and Mike Moneybags clinching his corrupted 4th term election, police chief Antonio Santiago can sense something bigger is coming after hearing a number of high power global political figures are also disappearing. After enlisting the aid of his daughter Lisa and her two friends; Brad and Bruce, set out to discover not only the truth; but also to find the root of the rot that plagues East Fulton.

Will they save the president? You have to play to find out!


  • Switch between 3 completely unique fighters – Lisa, an MMA fighter and Boxer, Bruce, a Jeet Kune Do/Capoeira specialist, and Brad, a former professional wrestler.
  • Choose from dozens of attacks to create strike combos, grapple combos, and strike and grapple-ombos!
  • Use a mix of real time and COMBO MENU based attacks to tackle your foes!
  • Inflict a huge number of Status Effects such as Stun, Burn and Bleed; and give yourself awesome buffs to turn the tide in your favor!
  • Fight against class based enemies, each with their own unique attack styles, behavior patterns and looks!
  • Nod your head to a timeless score by Inverse Phase, creator of such albums as Pretty Eight Machine and the Chipping of Isaac


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