Do you seek ultimate power in Civilization VI? Here the 8 overpowered unique units

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As it is clear in the game’s name, the main goal is building a civilization that will stand the test of time. But for the players who believe militaristic domination is the best way to do it, here is the list of overpowered unique units.

Defining a unit as overpowered is not about only its combat strength. It is related to its civilization threats and the game flow. Let’s start huh?

Top 8 Civilization VI Combat Units


Roman Legion Era Achievement in Civilization 6
  • Combat Strength: 40
  • Production Cost: 110
  • Purchase Cost: 440
  • Resources: 10 Iron
  • Movement: 2
  • Build Charges: 1
  • Era: Classical
  • Replaces: Swordsman

In the Classical Era, Legions have the highest base combat strength. In both offense and defense they are super powerful. But it is not the only thing that makes them overpowered. As we mentioned above, we have to combine the unique unit with its civilization and think of them as one.

The thing of The Roman Empire is to expand. In the early game, its ability to build roads to the capital from each city is really helpful to keep your civilization safe. Plus, Legion’s unique improvement “Roman Fort” makes Rome’s lands impassable.

Think about a unique unit that is more powerful than its replacement and also needs fewer strategic resources. That is crazy! If you can manage to gather enough production, you can create a deadly army in early stages.


Greek Hoplite Era Achievement in Civilization 6
  • Combat Strength: 28
  • Production Cost: 65
  • Purchase Cost: 260
  • Ability: +10 Combat Strength while adjacent to another hoplite
  • Movement: 2
  • Era: Classical
  • Replaces: Spearman

Have you ever watched the movie, 300 Spartans? These guys are all about it. They already have +3 melee combat strength compared with its default replacement, spearman. But this is not the thing that makes them overpowered. The actual threat of them is a reference to the “phalanx” formation in the 300 Spartans movie. Remember, when they got their phalanx formation, over 10.000 Persian archers couldn’t cause any damage to them. Also, close combat didn’t work until they found a way to flanking attack. How did they reflect this in the game?

When a hoplite unit has a position adjacent to another, they both have additional +10 combat strength. And terrain, support bonuses are excluded. Your hoplites can reach over 40 combat strength and that means you can fight with a unit almost equal to its upgraded version in the medieval era.

Combined with Gorgo’s Greeks (Spartans), every kill you get with glorious hoplites will make you earn culture depending on the combat strength of the enemy. One last thing, their production cost is equal to the spearman. They are not even more expensive. So what to do?

1- Choose Gorgo of Sparta

2- Rush to the “bronze working”

3- Pick the “Agoge” militaristic card

4- Produce many hoplites to attack or defend, it is up to you!

Garde Imperiale / Redcoat

Garde Imperiale Era Achievement in Civilization 6
Redcoat Era Achievement in Civilization 6

Garde Imperiale details

  • Combat Strength: 70
  • Production Cost: 360
  • Purchase Cost: 1440
  • Resources: 10 Niter
  • Movement: 2
  • Bonuses: +10 Combat strength while fighting in the capital’s continent
  • Era: Industrial
  • Replaces: Line Infantry

Redcoat details

  • Combat Strength: 70
  • Production Cost: 360
  • Purchase Cost: 1440
  • Resources: 10 Niter
  • Movement: 2
  • Bonuses: +10 Combat strength while fighting outside the capital’s continent
  • Era: Industrial
  • Replaces: Line Infantry

Let’s talk about the mid game then! We have two powerful units in the industrial era, which belong to France and England. The reason we put them together on the list, they are definitely like a blue and red team in a game tutorial. They almost look like each other, they almost have equal power, even their skills are the exact thing reverse to another still it is related with the other one. Let’s see, why these two and why together!

Garde Imperiale of France is a reference to Napoleonic warfare. Think about Napoleon’s Armee grande’s conquests during the early 19th century. They almost succeed to conquer all of Europe. So actually, that historical reference is what Garde Imperiale does. While it is in the same continent with its capital city, it gains +10 combat strength and gets Great General Points for each kill. With them, you can conquer all of the continent you are being part of and defend your lands.

The thing about the Redcoat unit is more about the colonization of America, India and many corners of the world by England.  As Garde Imperiale has +10 combat strength bonus while in the same continent with its capital city, Redcoat does have that bonus in the different continents with its capital city. They are the most powerful two units in their era and when they fight each other, the continent determines the winner. Let’s check who wins in which condition, this is fun!

Let’s say London is in Europe and Paris is in Africa and if these two face in:
Europe; draw
Africa; draw
In a third continent; Redcoat wins!

What if they are both in a single continent(Europe) and those two face in;
Europe; Garde Imperiale wins
Any other continent; Redcoat wins.

Try them both and you decide which is more useful!


Conquistador Era Achievement in Civilization 6
  • Combat Strength: 58
  • Production Cost: 250
  • Purchase Cost: 1000
  • Resources: 10 Niter
  • Movement: 2
  • Bonuses: +10 Combat strength if there is a religious unit in the same tile.
  • Era: Renaissance
  • Replaces: Musketman

Another mid-game unit but a little bit earlier this time! Conquistador, is the gunpowder unit of Spain that replaces with musketman. Their real power comes from their faith. And we mean it!

Spanish empire became a great seat of power and wealth in the exploration&colonization era. And conquistadors were almost representatives of that era with their abilities. They already have +3 combat strength compared with their default version, Musketman unit. But there is more! When they are in the same tile with any religious unit, they gain +10 combat strength. This is awesome, isn’t it? Just purchase a missioner, hook it to the conquistador and enjoy the party!


Janissary Era Achievement in Civilization 6
  • Combat Strength: 60
  • Production Cost: 120
  • Purchase Cost: 480
  • Resources: 10 Niter
  • Movement: 2
  • Bonuses: +1 free promotion
  • Era: Renaissance
  • Replaces: Musketman

Janissary is a unit belongs Kanuni Suleiman of the Ottomans in the game. In the renaissance era, it is a real game changer. Let’s see why.

Their base combat strength is 60. That is 5 more than the default unit, Musketman. Also when you built a janissary unit, it starts with a free promotion. If you upgrade a warrior, swordsman or man-at-arms to the Janissary unit that free promotion is still valid. So they act like a  walking, breathing “Terracotta Army”

Besides their +5 combat strength and free promotion threats, there are other things that make them overpowered. They are so cheap to build! Their production and purchase costs are exact half amount of the musketman. Here are some tips to make your Janissary unit unbeatable:

  • Produce melee units as much as you can
  • Upgrade your experienced melee units to Janissary and with its’ free promotion you’ll have 2,3,4 level Janissaries
  • Unlock governor Ibrahim’s “serasker” title and gain +10 combat strength while attacking cities.
  • Keep purchasing and producing more Janissaries as it is a cheap unit.

With “Great Turkish Bombard” and “Serasker” abilities, quickly conquer cities and keep them loyal. Enjoy your war machine, you’re welcome!


Mamluk Era Achievement in Civilization 6
  • Combat Strength: 50
  • Production Cost: 220
  • Purchase Cost: 880
  • Resources: 10 Iron
  • Movement: 4
  • Era: Medieval
  • Replaces: Knight

Many bloggers accept that the Mamluk unit is one of the most powerful units in the game. After the last “Great Negotiators Leader Pack” we are on the same page with them finally!

Most people believe that healing every turn for a heavy cavalry unit, which is already having little damage according to the game flow, is unfair. But we believe, the Mamluk unit has its most powerful shape with Saladin’s Sultan version. Let’s see how powerful the Mamluk unit is:

  • Even if it moves or attacks, it heals every turn.
  • With %100 Flanking and Support bonuses of Sultan Saladin, they have additional combat bonuses during battle. Of course you have to plan your strategy accordingly.


  • Combat Strength: 35
  • Ranged Strength: 25
  • Production Cost: 100
  • Purchase Cost: 400
  • Resources: 10 Iron
  • Movement: 2
  • Era: Classical
  • Replaces: Swordsman

One of the other Civilization classics like Legion and Hoplite. Their most overpowered version was in Civilization 3, as they were having additional attack bonuses like Janissaries in Cİvilization 5. But now it has super tactical advantages. Finally, Civilization managed to create a “special forces” unit by making you feel that fact.

Immortal is a real rule-breaker unit in the game. They have both range and melee attack abilities. And they are in the melee unit promotion class. What does it mean in gameplay? Attack your enemies with archer range power and defend their attacks with swordsman melee power. How great is that?!  When you combine their tactical advantages with Cyrus’s “Fall of Babylon” ability, move and attack faster by declaring surprise war on your opponents.

Now you know what the most powerful unique units in Civilization 6 are, and you know it is not only about their combat strengths but with their civilization threats and the gameplay itself. If you think differently or you have something to add or questions, don’t hesitate to make comment! We are here for you to build a civilization that stands the test of time!


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