Kevin’s Path to Wizdom – Overview

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Kevin's Path to Wizdom Overview

Kevin’s Path to Wizdom (formerly The Wizard) is back, and it’s better than ever! Enjoy this new and improved edition of the beloved turn-based dungeon puzzler with its unique spell-casting system, upgraded look, expanded campaign and story, and the features people have long been asking for!

In-Game Background/Lore

Step into the robe of Kevin, the exceptionally handsome but woefully inattentive wizardry student, whose gorgeous face has just been stolen. Follow the thief through the dangerous dungeons beneath the academy, encounter mythical monsters, and learn powerful magic along the way!


You’ll find many an opportunity to hone and upgrade your abilities to suit your individual play style, but be wary! Without a well-considered plan of action, this goofy little apprentice won’t make it very far… With a heavy emphasis on strategy, Kevin’s Path to Wizdom challenges its players to plan their moves carefully, upgrade their spells strategically, and use the environment to their advantage to make it through its mazes unscathed. Can you master the arcane arts and get back your valued visage?

Key Features

  • Brain-teasing, turn-based dungeon crawl
  • Unique gesture-based spell casting
  • New levels, spells and enemies
  • Complete graphical and mechanical overhaul
  • A remastered and expanded version of its magical soundtrack

The Wizard and its development story

Kevin’s Path to Wizdom started out as a small experiment called The Wizard, written in HTML5/JavaScript, that eventually grew into a full-blown genre title with an extensive campaign, high-quality soundtrack, and delightful 16-bit visuals. The reaction by players and media alike was overwhelmingly positive, and to this day, The Wizard boast over half a million players.

As development went on, however, the limitations of its web framework started to show, and funds were running out. A decision was made: Polish and release the game as is and restart development when funds could be secured. After many trials and tribulations, and six years of enthusiastic players demanding more, that moment has finally come: Kevin’s Path to Wizdom is one of the first projects to receive a grant from the newly-established games fund by the German government.

With that, Hypnotic Owl is now able to make the Wizard game they always envisioned! In addition to new levels and spells, the game received a complete visual and mechanical overhaul, marrying 16-bit graphics with modern rendering techniques, to make it look and feel as good as you remember your old favorites being.

Release date & Platforms

Kevin’s Path to Wizdom is a PC game available via Steam.


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