Bar Stella Abyss: Nippon Ichi Software Announces Upcoming Roguelike Strategy

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Bar Stella Abyss, Key Art

Roguelikes in recent years have been a sensation in the video gaming industry and throughout the video gaming community. They are arguably easier to make compared to fully fledged RPGs and they have a tried and true gameplay loop that will keep players entertained for dozen of hours on end.

And so, as the trend continues to get even more popular, Japanese game developer Nippon Ichi Software, makers of the Disgaea series, finally attempts to join the trend with the announcement of their latest entry, a roguelike strategy, Bar Stella Abyss. Slated to release on February 29, 2024 in Japan for PlayStation and Switch.

Bar Stella Abyss will be available on the PlayStation and on the Nintendo Switch.

About Bar Stella Abyss

Bar Stella Abyss is a roguelike strategy RPG in which you strengthen your party with the power of the constellations while exploring a dungeon in another world that changes form each time you play. In addition to exploring the other world, the story will unravel as you share drinks with the peculiar patrons of the bar “Stella Abyss.”



  • Explore the World of Yoi Reached After Getting Drunk
    The “World of Yoi” is said to exist in countless numbers like the stars. The main character, Samayoi, travels through the mysterious world of Yoi in order to recover his lost face and arms
  • The Dungeon Is Dotted With Facilities To Help In Your Exploration
    Facilities such as the observatory can help you get enhanced skills and the shop where you can buy items. It is up to the player to decide which path to take.
  • Meet Regular Customers of the Bar in the World of Yoi
    If you meet regular customers of Stella Abyss in the World of Yoi, you can add them to your exploration team. Aim for the depths of the World of Yoi with their help.
  • The Side Effects of Drinking
    When you run out of energy in the World of Yoi, you wake up in the bathroom of Stella Abyss. Items other than equipment will be lost and your level will return to its original state.

Turn-Based Tactical Strategy

  • Tactical Turn-Based Combat
    Battles proceed in a turn-based tactical RPG format. Choose your actions carefully by paying attention to your affinities, position, and terrain effects.
  • Strengthen Your Characters With The Power Of Constellations
    While exploring dungeons, you may come across the power of a constellation called “Stella”. Setting Stella to a character’s skills will enhance its performance and combat ability such as expanding attack range, increasing power, and adding effects that affect enemies and terrain.
    Stellas appear randomly with a pool of 130 types and up to 4 can be equipped per skill. Stellas are reset when you finish your exploration.

Have A Drink With Stella Abyss’ Regulars

  • Drink Your Fill With The Bar’s Regulars
    At the bar, “Stella Abyss”, you can share your drinks with regular customers to give you positive effects to help you in your journey through the World of Yoi.
  • Over 300 Cocktails to Choose From
    Stella Abyss cocktails have hidden effects that can help you conquer the World of Yoi. Cocktails have various effects such as increasing experience point gain or increasing the appearance rate of certain Stellas. There are approximately 300 types of cocktails in total. By using money you collect in the World of Yoi, you can unlock cocktails with even more powerful effects!



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