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BEAST: Brutal Tactical RPG Gets Major Content Update

Written by VeryWetLeaf

BEAST Content Update Key Art

BEAST, a brutal gridless tactical RPG developed by False Prophet for PC, got its first major content update in Early Access. The update adds new missions, enemies, weapons, companions, camps, and more. BEAST combines strategic tactical gameplay with dark, bloody and visceral themes.

BEAST is available in Steam‘s Early Access and GOG.


BEAST is a brutal, gridless tactical RPG that sends players to the dark ages rife with plague and raiders. Join forces with your warband, develop your skills, and unleash your inner beast to shred through your enemies. But take heed, as your choices have consequences – in and out of battle.

BEAST: Features

Deep, Rich Narrative

Long presumed dead, a veteran returns from a 10-year-long Ottoman slavery. His Carpathian homeland is feebly reigned by the demented prophet-king, its lands ruined by raiders and cursed with a hellish plague. Everything he loved and cherished is either gone or has changed beyond recognition. All he has left is his soldiers’ loyalty – and a holy quest to end the plague. Facing hordes of enemies as well as his inner demons, you must help him see it through no matter the cost!

Unique BEAST System

Exercise or exorcize your inner Beast – you decide. The Insanity system pushes you to make difficult moral decisions during combat.

Insanity of the Dark Ages

Atmospheric, story-rich, grim, dark world inspired by Carpathian legends. There is only evil – greater or lesser.

Close the gap with Ranged Weapons

Command your squad in fast-paced, gridless, turn-based tactical battles.

Brutal Melee Combat

Advance and survive intense and visceral encounters.

Update Features

  • Added UI and subtitle support (beta) for French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Japanese and Simplified Chinese
  • Added 17 new missions on 13 new maps
  • Added 10 new enemy types and 5 new enemy classes
  • Added 19 new weapons
  • Added 9 new companions
  • Added 11 new cutscenes
  • Added 17 new camps
  • Added NVIDIA DLSS support 
  • Added Nudity mode toggle to settings



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