Valiant Tactics: Upcoming Tactical Roguelite Announced

Written by VeryWetLeaf

Valiant Tactics Key Art

The developers at Felid Entertainment have just announced their upcoming tactical turn-based roguelite, Valiant Tactics. A demo version is currently available for PC. The game puts a fresh take on the roguelite genre by removing unfair uncertainty such as enemy critical hits and replacing hit chances with min/max damage ranges.

Wishlist Valiant Tactics on Steam. A demo version is also available.

about valiant tactics

Valiant Tactics is a tactical turn-based roguelite RPG that removes all the unfairness and boredom out of the gameplay. Manage your warband, travel through adventure maps, make decisions in an ever-changing environment and fight your way to the toughest challenge!


  • Manage your squad and inventory to prepare for upcoming battles or random events on your adventure.
  • Fight turn-based tactical battles against different types of enemies.
  • Weather like rain, wind and snow will affect each combat in different ways.
  • Trade with merchants or defeat enemies to get weapons and other combat equipment that grant unique abilities.
  • Random events will happen across the adventure map – where you will need to make decisions that matter.
  • After each battle get unique upgrades for your characters.
  • Earn glory by competing against other players in leaderboards!



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