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Broken Ranks – Shadow Of Hope Update Now Live!

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In celebration of the second anniversary of their free turn-based MMORPG, Broken Ranks, developer Whitemoon Games is giving players the first large and free content update titled, “Shadow of Hope”. Moreover, the studio is giving out a week of premium account and a special, birthday skin.

Shadow of Hope Update

Shadow of Hope‘s content is intended for characters that are at least level 55. The update features the next chapter of the main storyline as well as introducing various activities. The developers also noted some other additions aside from the story update:

  • 7 new areas, including the University District. Remnant Hideout, and Occupied Thalia. The adventure will also take the player to three new quest areas and one boss instance.
  • 17 new mobs, including three champions, an elite, and a boss in the White District.
  • A new boss instance with three difficulty levels where players will be able to battle the Heurokratos.
  • 5 new legendary pieces of hear lootable from the boss.

Aside from that are various new tasks, daily quests, and a dynamic mini-event in the new zone.

But the celebration doesn’t stop there. Along with Shadow of Hope and in celebration of the game’s second anniversary, Broken Ranks also invites players to participate in its anniversary event for gifts and activities. Returning and active players will receive 7 days premium account for free while new to be players can use the code, “SOH”, during their registration to receive the gift.

Another freebie is the Heurokratos’ Cuirass – an armor skin that perfectly matches the atmosphere and theme of the update. The skins is claimable for everyone for free in the revamped premium store of Broken Ranks.

Whitemoon Games – Press Release

About Broken Ranks


Broken Ranks is the successor to the MMORPG. The Pride of Taern. It boasts a unique turn-based combat system and a grim, low-fantasy world seen from an isometric point of view. The title is reminiscent of such classics as the HoM&M series or Baldur’s Gate. Adventurers will be able to find a lot of story-driven quests and a vast, interesting world ready to be explored alone, ina group, or with guildmates.


  • STORY – Broken Ranks is a journey through a spectrum of emotions evoked by our elaborate and mature narrative. Take part in decisive moments that will forever change the shape of the world. Get to know personal stories of many extraordinary characters inhabiting the lands of Broken Ranks. Become a Taernian who was forced to leave their homeland due to the invasion by Utorian hordes. Learn more about your character’s history and shape their future by altering the fate of the Taernian fight for freedom.

    Broken Ranks is a story about uniting a scattered nation. It is the tale of a refugee searching for their place in a new world. It is the history of a hero who needs to find strength to restore what the invaders took away from them. It is the record of a brutal reality that brings not only challenges but also opportunities.
  • COMBAT SYSTEM – Our unique combat system has been praised by the enthusiasts of both turn-based and action games. Players plan their movements at the same time and have only 10 seconds to do so. When creating your character, you have 7 classes to choose from: barbarian, archer, sheed, druid, voodoo shaman, fire mage or knight. Each of them uses their own set of unique abilities. When playing by yourself, you will certainly experience the tactical depth of our combat system, while playing with others will let you fully appreciate various relationships between classes and unique combinations.
  • WORLD OF BROKEN RANKS – The world of Broken Ranks is a place that does not forgive weakness. Lands where humans carved their enclaves in the wilderness are ruled by ruthless laws of history and politics. Monstrous beings, always thirsty for human blood, lurk outside of cities and villages. And amidst all of this are normal people who are just trying to live their everyday lives and survive for yet another day.

    Exploration, either by yourself or in a party, plays a very important role in the gameplay of Broken Ranks. Visit vibrant cities, remote mountaintops, mysterious settlements, and terrifying ruins inhabited by powerful creatures that cast a shadow over the human world. To the brave adventurers who dare to defeat the most powerful monsters, the world offers riches, fame, and power. To the weak and scared, only oblivion.
Broken Ranks Website


Shadow of Hope Trailer


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