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Caves of Lore – Pixel-RPG from Solo Developer Mike Robins, Coming Soon to IOS

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While the difference between gaming platforms have been a controversial topic of the previous decade, the 2020s have been a lot more open to the idea of games being available on as many platforms as possible. This notion isn’t only exclusive to massive titles but also smaller projects. Because of this, it’s good to see games such as Caves of Lore get more ports to different platforms.

Caves of Lore initially released for PC and Mobile platforms around January of 2023. So suffice to say, the game has been around for quite some time. The PC version of the game is available on Steam and GOG while the mobile version was only released for android devices. However, one year later the game will finally break through the other side of the mobile world, into the hands of IOS users in the 30th of January.

Caves of Lore is a passion project by solo developer Mike Robins. Conceived from their deep love of RPGs. The game is a turn-based pixel CRPG set in a rich world of swords and sorcery. Explore a unique world with a party of up to 6 characters. Discover over 200 spells, traits, and abilities. Encounter a myriad of monsters and NPCs as you take on dozens of quests. Loot an exorbitant amount of items and enchant them with thousands of possible combinations to make the perfect gear.

About Caves of Lore


I’m a self-taught solo-dev who built this passion project over 6 years while holding down a full time job and raising a family. I dedicated myself to work 5 minutes a day no matter what, and built the game piece by piece, not really knowing where I was going or how it would all end.” –Mike Robins


Caves of Lore is a turn-based, pixel-art, fantasy CRPG that combines elements of environmental exploration and character interaction with tactical, grid-based combat.


  • Fun and weird adventures await as you progress through a world full of monsters and humor. Hidden secrets and strange powers abound, allowing for a highly customizable party. Vast amounts of loot and treasure constantly increase your power, while dialogue, books and lore are waiting for those who want to be drawn into the world further.
  • Dark themes and ancient horrors don’t keep this game from remaining upbeat and funny, with a story that unfolds in unexpected ways. Tactical combat, endless magical item combos, and a vast array of spells, abilities and traits make for great replay value.
  • 6 character capacity party, 65+ spells, 65+ abilities, 65+ traits, 50+ monsters, 40+ NPCs , 30+ quests, and 20+ areas to explore. Hundreds of items and tens of thousands of enchantment combinations make for all manner of powerful items.
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