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Neon Blood PC Game

Since I started the blog, Twitter has always been the main source for discovering interesting indie projects, and indeed, what I present to you today is no exception. The title is Neon Blood, a 2D Tactical RPG with a Pixelated Cyberpunk setting, developed by the indie studio ChaoticBrain Studios.

Neon Blood RPG

The graphic style reminded me (and I’m not sure why) of Beneath a Steel Sky, perhaps because of the setting, the pixels, or some vague resemblance to the main character of the game. In any case, Neon Blood seems truly inspired, featuring an interesting story and a combat system similar to classic JRPGs but with tactical and strategic elements.

Neon Blood is a highly anticipated game for PC and PlayStation, but without a release date yet. Below, you will find an overview via the Steam Page, screens and the Announcement Trailer.

Year 2053, the world as we know it came to an end in a war lost in time. Now, only inequality remains, in the form of Viridis, the great city that encompasses the dangerous Blind City and the luxurious Bright City.

Axel McCoin, once a police detective, will become the key piece to unmask a whole plot of corruption and power that plagues the unstable peace of Viridis.
Experience the stories of the city and its inhabitants, accompanying Axel in his mission to overthrow the established order and demolish the foundations of this corrupt society.


// The escaped member of the Viridis police force is extremely dangerous and a warrant is out for his arrest on sight.
Thanks to confidential sources it is known that he is assisted by a group of terrorists consisting of Varya Gagarin (Junkyard), Silver Rayner (Boxer), Basilio Tastiera (hacker)…


///██▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ 20%///
///████▒▒▒▒▒▒ 40%///
///███████▒▒▒ 70%///
///█████████▒ 90%///
///██████████ 100%///

/////The Great Basilio thats is able to HACK the VPD and the fourth wall like nothing.
////Listen don’t believe any of this, Axel is a liberator fighting for our rights and trying to break down social (and real) barriers and achieve REAL equality between the dangerous Blind City and the filthy rich Bright City.

//In his fight we will accompany him to achieve his goal, as well as to defeat the mysterious but powerful (not to me) Emerald Ruby. The rich girl who is determined to maintain the system that benefits her out of pure selfishness, although we believe there may be an ulterior motive…

Viridis is a living city that tells its own story, as well as keeping its own secrets. The city’s inhabitants will be key pieces for detective Axel McCoin to discover how it works, the root of its inequality and how the inhabitants go about their daily lives. With richly detailed environments and hundreds of secrets to learn, players can explore freely and act as they wish as they explore diverse locations, such as the neon city of Hunter Heaven, the futuristic Bright City and the labyrinthine subway tunnels hidden in Viridis.

The city is dangerous, but you are not alone, Axel will gain allies along his adventure with whom he can face powerful enemies side by side.you can attack, use skills and even objects before unleashing a powerful final attack where you will see the pixel art at its best in this turn-based combat system based on the great games of the JRPG genre.

Neon Blood’s aesthetics feature a unique blend of 2D and 3D combining the retro style of hand-drawn and animated pixel art with highly detailed 3D environments, all with meticulous lighting that will make walking through the streets of the great Viridis a visual spectacle.

  • Elaborate and deep story with a cyberpunk theme combined with a turn-based combat style like old RPG’s with strong strategy factor
  • Two different realities of the two cities with complete 2.5D aesthetic, merging cyberpunk and sci-fi
  • A big macropolis full of secrets to be solved with a complete dialogue-based detective system
  • A lot of neons


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