Cross Blitz: Launching Soon In Early Access

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From developers Tako Boy Studios and publishers The Arcade Crew and Gamera Games comes an all new turn-based deckbuilding RPG. Cross Blitz is a unique RPG deckbuilder featuring fast-paced tactical combat with loads of cards to collect and synergies to wield. The game will soon be launching on PC as an Early Access title.

Cross Blitz will be available on Steam starting November 29th, 2023.

About Cross Blitz

Cross Blitz is a unique deckbuilder where heartfelt adventure meets fierce, strategic battles. Test your tactical might as you create the perfect strategy while building the perfect deck. Utilize clever card combos and synergies as you venture forth through the story or as you challenge the roguelite mode. All while using everything at your disposal to fight against the many colorful foes scattered throughout Crossdawn Isle.


  • Collect over 200 cards and build the most powerful decks you can imagine! Gather ingredients from winning battles to craft even more powerful cards!
  • Enjoy 30+ hours of thrilling adventure across different storylines as our heroes face a variety of trials and tribulations. Whether it’s battling a bomb-obsessed canine pirate captain or facing off against a star-crazed circus ringleader. There’s always a new surprise around the corner!
  • Discover the “Tusk Tales” roguelite mode and its endless replayability. Unlock and upgrade new mercenaries, relics, trinkets and more as you battle against increasingly difficult opponents while exploring the many ever-changing regions of Crossdawn Isle.
  • Explore an expansive world filled with colorful characters and curious locations, with plenty of secrets to be found along the way – all beautifully rendered in hand-crafted pixel art.

Early Access

Cross Blitz is the creative result of Tako Boy Studios’ passion for both strategic card games and quirky, character-driven RPGs. Tako Boy Studios‘ goal is to make the best game possible by communicating directly with their community, and listening wholeheartedly to player feedback. Join them in this early access adventure and help make Cross Blitz into something truly special!



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