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Crown Wars: The Black Prince – Origin Story Reveal and Release Date

Written by VeryWetLeaf

Crown Wars: The Black Prince, Key Art

In recent years, upcoming games needing to extend their development timeline isn’t particularly unheard of. Delays have always had mixed connotations depending on the game receiving this treatment. Players have been quite more lenient towards Triple A games getting delays but are more critical against fundraiser backed games, for obvious reasons. However, for developers Artefacts Studio with their upcoming game Crown Wars: The Black Prince, the release date has actually been pushed forward. As one who follows upcoming games myself, I don’t even know how to feel about this.

Initially planned for March 14th, 2024, Crown Wars: The Black Prince’s release date has actually been brought forward and will now be available on March 7th, 2024. I know, wild! Crown Wars: The Black Prince will be arriving on PCs via Steam and on consoles via Xbox, PlayStation, and on the Nintendo Switch a little while later.

About Crown Wars: The Black Prince

Crown Wars: The Black Prince is an upcoming turn-based tactical strategy set in the medieval times of the Hundred Years War. Dive into a war that has embroiled several royal families in a bloody conflict, with the crown of the most powerful kingdom of the West as the prize. Unbeknownst to most, a powerful evil looms around the conflict, one that can change the course of history. A secret diabolical organization that is sewing chaos throughout the kingdom in its quest for power.


  • Turn-Based Medieval Combat
    Fight using your wits and develop an overwhelming strategy to defeat your foes.
  • Fight for the Crown
    The War of Crowns rages on. Knights and brigands run rampant throughout the land, sowing destruction.
  • Evil Lurks In The Shadows
    An even more dangerous and evil power lurks in the shadows, weaving sinister conspiracies.
  • Lead Your People To Victory
    As lord of your fiefdom, lead the battle against the forces of evil in this turn-based tactics and strategy game.
  • Raise Your Army
    From your castle, your base of operations, recruit, equip and train your soldiers so you can confront your enemies and protect the population. Form units to meet your needs so you can set off in search of the source of Evil and thwart the diabolical plot.
  • Manage Your Keep
    Your stewardship and diplomacy will also be put to the test. Upgrade your keep and ensure your lands prosper, while you carefully manage your resources.



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