Discover the Artistic Brilliance of Howl in its Latest Trailer

Written by Marcello TBL


Astragon Entertainment, in collaboration with the Viennese game studio Mi’pu’mi Games, unveils a captivating trailer for their upcoming turn-based saga, Howl. This trailer showcases the game’s innovative Living Ink art style, which dynamically paints the game world as players progress, making the environment pulsate with life through the mesmerizing dance of colors. Experience the “The Art of Living Ink” trailer below.

Set to launch on Nintendo Switch and PC in 2023, with PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X|S releases slated for 2024, Howl is a tactical narrative journey where players are tasked with eradicating a menacing plague known as the Howl. A sneak peek of the game is currently available as a demo on Steam.

Dive Deeper into Mi’pu’mi & Howl:

For over a decade, Mi’pu’mi has been a cornerstone in the gaming industry, contributing to global AAA projects and collaborating with giants like Io-Interactive, Remedy Entertainment, Ubisoft, and Red Bull. Their latest creation, Howl, is a turn-based strategy game where players step into the shoes of a deaf prophetess, navigating a world plagued by an acoustic curse that morphs humans into creatures. The game demands strategic foresight, as every move can be the difference between survival and doom.

Howl Gameplay

Howl’s Highlights:

  • Strategic Combat: Players must anticipate enemy moves in intricate turn-based battles. A single misstep can jeopardize the mission.
  • Innovative Artistry: The “Living Ink” art style breathes life into a mesmerizing fairy-tale realm.
  • Skill Progression: Unlock and enhance skills to outwit adversaries.
  • Engaging Quest: Embark on a journey across 60 levels spanning four chapters, each awaiting liberation from darkness.

Howl is set to enchant players on Nintendo Switch and PC in 2023, with PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X|S versions following in 2024. Check out our Gameplay First Look video.


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