Draft of Darkness: The New Age of Deck-Building Horror Games

Written by Marcello TBL

Draft Of Darkness

Venture into a chilling realm where the offspring of Resident Evil meets Slay the Spire!

Draft of Darkness emerges from two haunting years in Early Access, ready to engulf players in its full 1.0 terror! Now available on Steam, the chilling launch trailer offers just a glimpse of what lurks within.

Draft of Darkness

Dreadful Setting with a Tactical Twist

Set against the eerie backdrop of a city plunged into apocalyptic darkness, the game offers a procedurally generated universe. Every corner teems with grotesque adversaries, each demanding a unique strategy. While some beasts yield to sheer might, others warrant a more cunning disablement.

Navigate the Nightmares

Decisions matter in this dystopia. External choices prove as pivotal as confrontational ones. The looming darkness isn’t your only foe, as statuses cling onto you throughout your gameplay. It’s not just about accumulating strength – mastering in-world interactions and trade deals can determine your fate in the dark city. Remember: every step casts a shadow, every move reverberates in Draft of Darkness.

A Revolutionary Combat Mechanic

The game’s groundbreaking card weapon system ties attack cards to specific weapons, which in turn need ammunition or resources. However, merely collecting these assets won’t suffice. The real challenge? Strategically deploying them throughout your journey.

Lurking Lore & Grisly Graphics

With its immersive low-fi universe, each gameplay unravels layers of an intricate narrative. Encounter unique characters, interact with bizarre entities like fleshy TVs, and indulge in mysterious stews that might boost your team. Only by mapping the entire storyline will you unveil the bleak truths concealed.

From Early Access to Complete Horror

Since its initial release, Draft of Darkness has expanded monumentally, boasting 260+ cards, a roster of 4 survivors, and various unlockable content including weapons, companions, and endings.

Key Game Highlights:

  • Weapon-Card Symbiosis: Each card’s efficacy ties back to its linked weapon, emphasizing robust resource and deck management.
  • Teamwork in Shadows: Navigate the inky abyss with different companions, juggling your team’s health and risks like radiation and infection.
  • Learn from Loss: With each demise, earn credits to unlock booster packs, uncovering fresh starting cards and novel tactics.
  • The Story’s Twisty Trails: Experience Draft of Darkness‘ one-of-a-kind “meta-story progression”. Every choice can redirect the tale, opening (or locking) doors to progress. Tread wisely, for consequences lurk in the shadows.

Step into the unknown and experience the thrill of Draft of Darkness. Now available on Steam for a chilling $14.99/£12.79/14.79€. Get your copy today, if you dare!


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