Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince New Details, Trailer and Release Date

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Dragon Quest Monster The Dark Prince

Nintendo has given fans their first glimpse at Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, during a recent Nintendo Direct event. This new game is part of a beloved series that started back in 1998 and represents the first fresh installment since 2016. It will also be the first Dragon Quest Monster game to be released on the Nintendo Switch. Players will be in control of Psaro, a character first introduced in Dragon Quest IV.

Dragon Quest Monster Gameplay

The game is due for release on December 1, later this year, which will no doubt be a delight for fans who have been waiting for a new installment. Gameplay will again be centered around turn-based combat, with Psaro being unable to harm monsters due to a curse. Instead, players will build up an army of monsters to aid in Psaro’s quest.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince‘s storyline revolves around Psaro seeking revenge against his own father, the ruler of Nadiria, the monster realm. Along his journey, Psaro encounters various characters, including Rose, a young elf woman, Toilen Trubble, a young magic researcher, and Fizzy, a monster wrangler who mentors Psaro.

The game takes place in Nadiria, an underworld domain divided into different realms called ‘Circles’, with each Circle having three separate areas. Each Circle and the monsters that inhabit them change as the seasons pass, providing fresh discoveries for players.

As with other games in the Dragon Quest Monsters series, players will form bonds with various monsters who will then assist them in their journey. However, a unique element to this game is that Psaro, due to his curse, will instead become a monster wrangler, training his team or creating new ones through a process called synthesis. With over 500 different types of monsters and a revamped synthesis system, the game offers a variety of possibilities.

New to this installment are the Goomulonimbus, Vegandragora, and Ronin Raccoon monsters. On the game’s release day, players will also have access to three sets of downloadable content, including “The Mole Hole,” “Coach Joe’s Dungeon Gym,” and “Treasure Trunks!” These packs provide additional quests, outfits for Psaro, and the chance to earn rewards to aid in the main quest. They will be available for purchase on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch.


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