Persona 5: Tactica – Talk Feature, Party Growth, and More

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Persona 5 Tactica

ATLUS has unveiled fresh details and screenshots of Persona 5 Tactica, the new RPG set to release on various platforms on November 17. The game involves an intriguing storyline, character backgrounds, and an enhanced battle system.

The plot follows the Phantom Thieves of Hearts as they are mysteriously transported to a realm known as the “Kingdom,” where they face a tyrant named Marie and her military group, the Legionnaires.

Persona 5 Tactica

Three characters highlighted include Ryuji Sakamoto, a notorious troublemaker with a sense of justice; Ann Takamaki, a kind-hearted girl seeking revenge against wicked adults; and Toshiro Kasukabe, a young politician rumored to be the next Prime Minister. Kasukabe is found imprisoned in this alternate realm, but eventually aligns with the Phantom Thieves after they liberate him.

The gameplay of Persona 5 Tactica offers a novel battle system that encourages tactical use of cover and skills. Players can guard, attack enemies from cover, and inflict negative statuses using persona-based attacks. The game also introduces a “VOLTAGE” gauge that, when filled, lets characters unleash their unique skills in battle.

In addition, a skill tree allows players to customize their party members’ growth. Players can gain Grow Points (GP) by winning battles or engaging in character conversations, known as “TALK,” which also adds depth to the story. Persona 5 Tactica will be available on PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam, and also via Xbox Game Pass. Below you can find all the details from the Japanese Persona Website.

Background Story

“In the new world known as ‘Kingdom’, the Phantom Thieves of the Heart find themselves in a realm of mystery and peril, under attack by a group called the Legion. Despite their resistance, the Legion’s leader, a figure named ‘Marie’, brainwashes all the members of the Thieves’ crew, save for Joker and Morgana.

Following a timely rescue by the leader of the Revolutionary Army, L, they learn the name of the strange world they now inhabit—’Kingdom’. With L’s aid, they narrowly escape Marie’s pursuit. But they’re left puzzled when the Revolutionary Army’s hideout bears an uncanny resemblance to Leblanc. What is this new, different world called ‘Kingdom’ that is unlike any ‘Palace’? Why does Leblanc appear in such an unexpected place? It’s time to restore the minds of the brainwashed Phantom Thieves and unravel the mysteries of Kingdom!

The stakes rise when they discover a shocking motive behind the reign of the tyrant Marie and her armed group, Legion, in ‘Marie Kingdom’—a grand wedding. Joker and Morgana, having pledged to assist the Revolutionary Army, start their mission by rescuing the captive Phantom Thieves. However, they find a man named Toshiro Kasukabe imprisoned instead.

Toshiro, a politician in the real world and a potential future prime minister, cannot recall why he ended up in this alternate world. Despite their doubts, Joker and his team decide to keep an eye on him, only to receive surprising news: Toshiro might be the chosen groom for Marie’s grand wedding.


Ryuji Sakamoto (CV: Mamoru Miyano) – Once labeled a problem child due to conflicts with his malevolent physical education teacher, Ryuji discovers his Persona ability in the alternate world. He becomes friends with the protagonist and forms the ‘Phantom Thieves of Hearts’ to combat adults with distorted desires. He’s quick-tempered but possesses a kind heart and a sense of justice, courageously defending his friends and the oppressed. His Persona is Captain Kidd.

Ann Takamaki (CV: Nana Mizuki) – A striking beauty of American descent, Ann once experienced isolation due to her looks. She once sacrificed herself to protect her only friend but now fights alongside the protagonist against malevolent adults. As a Phantom Thief, she’s kind-hearted, always helping the weak, and possesses a steely determination against evil. Fluent in English, she’s also academically comparable to Ryuji. Her persona is Carmen.

Toshiro Kasukabe (CV: Tomoaki Maeno) – A young politician tipped to be the next prime minister, Toshiro is saved from his inter-world imprisonment by the Phantom Thieves and chooses to join their cause. His serious demeanor and ability to see the bigger picture make him a vital strategic asset.

Battle System and Skill Tree

New Battle System: Employ tactics, use cover, and strike hidden enemies! Much like a phantom thief, make sure to use cover while battling, reducing or completely blocking damage. However, if an enemy strikes you while you’re uncovered, they get a chance to strike again.

Use melee attacks to disable enemies who hide behind walls and create new opportunities for ‘1 MORE’ turns. Every Persona attack can give bad status to enemies, preventing movement or causing damage over time. Use these skills wisely to gain an advantage.

Unique Skills: Use the ‘VOLTAGE’ gauge to turn the tides of the battle! This gauge fills as you give or take damage. When full, you can activate unique skills that provide various effects, ranging from massive damage to supportive abilities.

Skill Tree: Customize your party members using the skill tree. Winning battles, raising Phantom Thieves Lv, and viewing character conversations (‘TALK’) can earn you growth points (GP) for training.

Talk Feature

Engage in ‘TALK’ at the hideout, enjoying character interactions and uncovering new sides of the Phantom Thieves and L. As a bonus, viewing ‘TALK’ earns you GP for use in the skill tree. Enjoy these tales while also growing your characters.”


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