Xuan-Yuan Sword Remastered: Mists Beyond the Mountains Launches Soon

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Xuan Yuan RPG

Get ready to dive back into the realm of Chinese historical fantasy with Xuan-Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the Mountains, which is arriving as a remastered edition on Steam this July 26th. Gamera Games and Softstar Entertainment have announced the news that this pixel-art RPG will be made available for a whole new generation of gamers, while a demo version for Nintendo Switch will be showcased at Bitsummit this weekend, with a full release planned for later this year.

Xuan Yuan Gameplay

Xuan-Yuan Sword is one of the most successful and longest-standing game franchises in Chinese-speaking territories, with Mists Beyond the Mountains, the third installment in the series, achieving both critical acclaim and commercial success following its initial launch in 1999. The remastered edition will faithfully preserve the original art style, compelling story blending Chinese mythology and historical events, and the intricate gameplay that made the game a hit.

In Mists Beyond the Mountains, players are transported to an immersive, expansive world that encompasses two continents, ranging from the canal-laden city of Venice, across the Abbasid Caliphate, to the ancient Chinese Tang Empire. As the main character, Septem, a lieutenant to Pepin the Younger, players embark on an odyssey in search of the Invincible Arts of War.

Xuan Yuan Combat System

Along the way, they must navigate the convoluted power struggles between world powers and confront the machinations of Satan himself. The game presents a richly detailed environment, featuring cities like Venice, Damascus, and Chang’an, each boasting their distinct art, architecture, food, customs, and clothing.

A key aspect of Xuan-Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the Mountains is the freedom to explore its vast world, coupled with exhilarating battles employing the Active Time Battle system, a mechanic familiar to fans of classic RPGs like Final Fantasy VII or Chrono Trigger.

Players can also engage with the unique crafting system of the game, gathering ingredients to create new gear or utilizing the Spirit Fusion Pot to capture enemies, which can later be used at special Altars to craft not just items, but monsters as well. Depending on whether players use an Eastern or Western altar, the final crafted items will yield different results, adding another layer of depth to the gameplay.

Whether you’re a fan of the original or a newcomer to the series, Xuan-Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the Mountains offers an enticing blend of history, fantasy, and classic RPG elements that promises to captivate players. Below an overview via Steam.


The Journey of a Frankish Knight in the Tang Empire

Xuan-Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the Mountains is a classic turn-based RPG. Under the orders of Pepin IIIthe Frankish Knight Septem has embarked on a long journey to seek the Invincible Arts of War. Starting from the canals of beautiful Venice, the great knight’s path has spanned the Middle East, Western Regions on his way to the mystical orient. In his adventures, Septem has drawn into the intricate power disputes between local powers, along with the decade-spanning ambitions of the dark lord, Satan.

China enjoys peace and prosperity under the rule of the Tang EmpireEurope finds itself embroiled in the Dark Ages, the Arabian Empire is ascendant, and all the while, the march of progress brings these disparate cultures together. From ancient times, Chinese legends have spoken of the Xuan-Yuan Sword and Spirit Fusion Pot, along with the rise of great legends in the new era…

A Symphony of Western and Eastern Culture

The scope of Xuan-Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the mountains covers a wide range, spanning all of Eurasia and covering the Arab World, Francia, and China. From the canals of Venice, Damascus to the beautiful Chang’an, the story introduces unique architectural styles, clothing, food, and customs.

A Fusion of History and Fantasy

The story of Xuan-Yuan Sword III takes place in an era of collision between East and West, covering a range of historical events that include the Battle of Talas, the Arabian Civil War, and An Lushan Rebellion interspersed through character dramas.Xuan-Yuan Sword III perfectly integrates history with Chinese and Western mythology. Players will encounter unique historical enemies such as Merovingian soldiers, the Venetian navy, the Abbasid Caliphate, Tang soldiers, and Taoists along with unique mythical creatures such as centaurs, Medusa, the Black and White Reapers, and the Xuannü of the Nine Heavens.

Unique Spirit Fusion Pot System

Players can use the Spirit Fusion Pot to capture enemies in battle. Items and monsters can be used to craft a new item or monster from the codex. Users can craft items and monsters from the Eastern or Western altars, which the resulting item differing based on the selected altar.

Unique Ink Painting Artstyle

The game features a beautiful traditional Chinese style, with the game map, battle backgrounds, and characters all painted in unique oriental ink.

Improvements and changes

  • 16:9 high-resolution graphic
  • UI rework
  • High-resolution item texture
  • Controller support
  • China Episode, originally added in mobile version


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