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USC: Counterforce – Early Access Release This Month on PC

Written by Marcello TBL

USC: Counterforce

This summer, grab your weapon and brace yourself for an interstellar conflict as USC: Counterforce prepares for launch. Developer Angry Cat Studios and publisher Firesquid are thrilled to announce that their new tactical turn-based game is officially launching into Early Access on July 25th, available via Steam. Offering hours of gameplay and significant replayability, USC: Counterforce is set to redefine the squad tactics genre.

Usc Counterforce Gameplay

Drawing inspiration from successful franchises such as UFO/XCOM, Space Hulk, and Aliens, USC: Counterforce challenges players to lead a team of Space Commandos in gripping, turn-based combat against a formidable alien threat. Set on a remote planetary body, players are tasked with unveiling the mystery behind the colony’s disappearance and devising an effective strategy to protect humanity from this extraterrestrial menace. With a local co-op mode, players can also enjoy the thrill of fighting off aliens alongside their friends, either in a hot-seat setup or using the “Remote Play Together” feature.

On the launch day of July 25th, players will have the opportunity to explore four special operations and an infinite assortment of procedurally generated missions available in Single Mission mode. Keen to foster a player-centric development approach, the developers will actively utilize community feedback throughout the Early Access phase to enhance and update the game’s current features and implement future additions in the final version. A comprehensive, open-ended campaign mode with an adaptive storyline is also planned for the final version.

Key features of USC: Counterforce include:

  1. Ultimate Squad Assembly: A class-free system allows for full customization of your forces, tailoring your strategy to combat enemy threats best.
  2. Diverse Arsenal: Employ a range of melee and ranged weapons with various ammo types. Use hacking tools, mines, turrets, and more to complete your mission.
  3. Interactable Environments: Fully destructible environments provide tactical advantages. Build barricades, exploit environmental hazards, and lay traps to reshape the battlefield.
  4. Multi-Mode Gameplay: Dive into a fully customizable Single Mission mode or lead your marines on challenging, multi-mission operations. Or, take advantage of co-op multiplayer modes using the classic hot-seat or Steam’s “Remote Play Together” feature for an online cooperative experience.

USC: Counterforce is gearing up for Early Access release on July 25th. Interested players can wishlist the game on Steam to be notified upon release.


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