Super Mario RPG-Inspired Another Crusade Officially Announced

Written by Marcello TBL

Another Crusade RPG

I talked about Another Crusade in 2020 and featured the game in my KAEOI55. Now, the turn-based RPG inspired by Super Mario RPG, developed by Dragon Vein Studios is officially announced to be released this fall on PC via Steam, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 5.

Another Crusade RPG

In Another Crusade, players step into the shoes of protagonist Rai Reysend and join his companions on an exciting journey filled with hilarious events and thrilling battles. The narrative focuses on a cosmic mystery revolving around barriers that have appeared following a meteor shower. As the hero, you’re tasked with saving the land and unraveling the truth behind these strange phenomena.

The game brings back the nostalgic charm of traditional turn-based combat, enhancing it with modern mechanics. Players can amplify their attacks and defenses by executing commands with precise timing. The gameplay also includes casting powerful magic attacks, which can be further boosted by engaging in fun button sequences.

But combat isn’t all Another Crusade offers. The game encourages exploration through various stages filled with treasures waiting to be discovered. Along the way, players will encounter puzzles to solve and quests to complete. Each stage and encounter introduces a unique cast of humorous characters, adding charm to the game’s narrative.


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